After a huge showing in the ratings for the season 2 premiere, NBC is considering launching the next installment of The Voice this fall instead of early 2013.

The Wrap reports that since Christina Aguilera’s new contract has the star filming the third season during the months of September through December, the possibility of a fall premiere is very likely.

A spokesperson for NBC says the network has not decided if they’re going to air the show in the fall or not. Um, but with that kind of taping schedule, you’d have to air it in the fall. Some of the shows are live.

If The Voice Season 3 does air in the Fall it would go up against all the new and returning shows of the season, including Fox’s X Factor. That could be a very interesting ratings battle.

Speaking of ratings, The Voice has turned into NBC’s biggest ratings grabber. Sunday’s post-Super Bowl season premiere fetched a massive 37.7 million viewers while Monday’s numbers came in at 17. 7 million.


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