After getting eliminated this week during his Battle Round with Patrick Thomas, Tyler Robinson did the interview circuit and left some pretty good impressions. Reality Blitz landed a thorough interview with Tyler and talked with him about his experiences on the show, what lead him to audition, what’s happened since he was eliminated, and even about coming out to his dad on national television.

Here a few excerpts from the interview, but you can read and listen to the whole thing at

On Tyler’s overall experience on ‘The Voice’: “It was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in my life. Truthfully, I’ve done more in these past few months than I’ve done, probably, in the past two years of my life. So, it’s something that’s really, really exciting. I’ve made life-long friends that I couldn’t have asked for better. And it’s truthfully been a really amazing experience.”

If he was surprised he was cut over Patrick Thomas: “You know, I just have to take it for what it is and all I know is that I gave a really, really good performance. And I would rather leave the show on a high note than leave because I didn’t do well. So, I couldn’t be happier actually because I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls. Everything is good right now.”

Find out what else Tyler Robinson had to say after being eliminated this week.

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