The Hollywood Reporter has presented a “top ten” list, in a horribly non-paragraphed manner (unless they’ve corrected that), of everything you must know going in to tonight’s premiere of The Voice on NBC. Here are the Top 3. You’ll have to jump over to their site for the full list.

1) Focus on quality: Instead of weeding through open auditions a la American Idol, The Voice’s A&R team went out looking for performers, upping the overall performance.

2) Traces of Survivor: Once contestants have joined a team, the Battle Round begins, where coaches select two of their own teammates to go head-to-head in a performance of the same song. Coaches then consult one another on each performer’s merit, offering feedback that could potentially sabotage each other.

3) More Paula Abdul, less Simon Cowell: While Idol has been known to be brutally honest, the format for The Voice celebrates the performers and is more Paula Abdul, less Simon Cowell. Aguilera cemented that, saying : “At the end of the day, that’s what The Voice is really about — emotion and touching people.”

Touching people? That definitely sounds like Paula to me! Hollywood Reporter offers up the rest of their list, including thoughts on host Carson Daly, its social networking element, and the Glee angle. Check it out!

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