The Voice winner Javier Colon

Javier Colon might have locked down the title of being the first winner of NBC’s The Voice, but he isn’t stopping his television conquests there just yet. Colon is set to return to television but in a whole different setting: The Playboy Club, NBC’s new television series set in the 60’s.

The Voice’s first winner will soon play legendary singer Ray Charles in an upcoming role on The Playboy Club, executive producer Chad Hodge confirmed to E! News.

So which one of Ray’s songs will he be belting out?

The $100,000 prize winner will croon “Let the Good Times Roll” in The Playboy Club’s sixth episode.

Not a bad job to land though there aren’t any details on just how many appearances Colon will have or if this one visit will be the limit of his involvement. Congrats to Javier on his continued success.

Source: E! News

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