The most shocking part of the two hour long live The Voice show last night came at the end when Blake Shelton chose Xenia over Jared.  IMO, Jared was the one to beat and the only rocker on the show.  I already had my doubts over Shelton leading his team and now I see those doubts was justified.  I just can’t believe he wouldn’t pick Jared and why?  Because he thought he could help Xenia more?  She’ll be eliminated pretty quickly and has no chance for a career in the music industry. 

Christina did what I expected and chose Frenchie to take part in her team along with America’s choice of Beverly.  These two girls are strong and left Christina with a good chance to beat the boys in the finals.

I thought last night would have been the best night with Team Adam and Team Cee Lo taking the stage but I wasn’t impressed with their coaching or song choices except Vicci who sang “Joleen” and Javier who gave me chills with “Angel”.  I couldn’t believe Cee Lo would pick the Andrew sisters for Tori and Taylor because that put them out of contention as did “Jesus take the Wheel” for Jeff.  I felt coaching wise, both Adam and Cee Lo needed to step up and give more direction to these hopefuls.  They were singing for America’s vote and nothing the rest of them did was good enough. Casey did an ok job with “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” and Nakia did pretty good but as for the rest?  Not good enough to move on.  I thought this was the worst episode of the show to date and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.

Who did you think did the best and worst of the night and how did you feel about The Voice results for Team Blake and Team Christina?

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