Unlike last week’s shocker of Blake Shelton choosing Xenia to move on, this week’s results were what I expected.  Cee Lo’s team is Nakia and Vicci leaving him with the best in the Semi Final round while Adam has Javier (of course) and Casey Weston.  

Christina’s team had Frenchie going first with “Like A Prayer” and although I’ve agreed with pretty much everything Christina has done in preparing her girls, she didn’t do Frenchie any favors with this choice.  It didn’t do anything for her voice and unless something crazy happens, she will not be moving on to the finals like her teammate Beverly who once again rocked!  Christina chose the bluesy “The Thrill Is Gone” and I liked the soulfulness of her voice.  I liked her sitting at the piano and showing a calmer side.  We needed to see this from her and she should breeze right into the finals.

Cee Lo is a master of production work.  I would have never chosen “Whataya Want From Me” for Nakia to sing but this is why Cee Lo is the man because Nakia killed it tonight.  I’m a Glambert fan but would listen to Nakia’s version every time.  Vicci rocked the drums with “Dog Days Are Over”.  Either of these contestants could win the whole thing.  Right now for me?  It’s Cee Lo’s team to lose. 

Blake has a dream in Dia.  I love this girl!  She’s got it all and nailed “Losing My Religion”.  I could see her recording it tomorrow and becoming a successful artist.  She’s incredible!  This is a no brainer.  Dia will be moving on to the finals.  Sorry Xenia.  You’re a cute girl and you have a unique voice but you need to continue to develop it over the next couple years. 

Adam has a great team as well.  I wasn’t crazy about Javier’s song choice because I’m not a fan of Coldplay but his voice is really amazing and he is a gifted singer and musician.  I was surprised with Casey.  I thought no way could she sing a Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston song and come out looking good but she pulled it off.  “I Will Always Love You” is a tough song to sing and you’re always going to be compared but she made it her own and it worked.  Javier should have his chance in the finals next week though.

Who was your favs tonight?

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