Since a lot of people seem to get bored with The Voice 2012 after the blind auditions, the show and network have decided to throw in a little excitement later in the game to excite viewers.

Executive producer Mark Burnett said The Voice Season 3 will include a twist that will allow the coaches to steal one of their rival coaches’ players when they discard them during the Battle Rounds. That means if Adam throw out a contestant, one of the others can snatch that singer up. If more than one singer wants the discard, then it’s up to the singer to decide whose team he or she wants to join.

“We all just wondered, what is it that we can do during the battles to keep the competitive element going,” Burnett said. “And this came out of a collective talking. Last weekend we taped it, and it was very exciting.”

Each coach can save two contestants, so that means they’ll each have a team of 10 instead of eight like last season. But by the end of the knockout rounds, they’ll each have teams of five, making  up the Top 20 for the live shows.

This is just one more layer to a show that already has too much going on. I’m not sure it’s necessary. Does this twist excite or disappoint you?

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