To get everyone pumped up for The Voice episode 2 tonight on NBC there was a group interview held with singers from the first round of Blind Auditions. Each coach’s team was represented by a singer as we had Frenchie Davis, Jeff Jenkins, Kelsey Rey, and Patrick Thomas on the call. The interview lasted nearly an hour and featured a few interesting bits for each performer. Here are a few of the highlights.

Frenchie Davis felt strongly that this wasn’t her “last chance” as she had previously mentioned. Davis is excited for another chance after her long ago Idol fiasco and looks forward to America remembering her for her talented voice, not foolish choices of her youth. Regarding her performance of “I Kissed A Girl,” Frenchie explained that this was the only song left for a female that had yet to be performed. It was not her first pick, but rather her only option.

Kelsey Rey was worried that she came off looking arrogant and cocky after last week’s The Voice premiere. She promised that wasn’t her intent nor was it a reflection of her true personality. The other contestants on the call gave her a lot of support and agreed that she’s a very sweet girl. As far as that YouTube video with millions of hits, that was the result of her managers combining her with a song they already owned. No word on what that song was, but maybe someone else knows.

Jeff Jenkins was asked by one reporter to detail his mother’s death. I’m not sure it was meant to be such an insensitive question, but it sure came across that way. Jeff obliged and explained that his mother lost a multi-year battle with colon cancer. She had been his strongest supporter. Jeff also explained that he was most moved by Adam’s words when he had the chance to choose from all four coaches.

Patrick Thomas discussed how he developed his love for country music by routinely exposing himself to CMT each day until it was something he enjoyed. Interestingly, both of Patrick’s parents were performers (possibly on Broadway, but I need to verify).

It was either Jeff or Patrick, I had trouble telling the two apart, answered a question regarding whether they felt the competition was biased toward more polished contestants. He gave a great answer that although they might not be as well known or produced like Javier Colon or Frenchie Davis, they had spent years developing their talent to find their own voice and did not feel any disadvantage was placed against them. It was a great response.

All around I was pretty impressed with the singers. It sounded like they had really bonded and were having a great time on The Voice. I couldn’t get a clear sense of how far in the competition they had gotten, but so far it didn’t sound like they had competed outside of their own teams.

Get ready for the second episode of The Voice tonight on NBC at 9PM!

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