Good morning everyone!  Last night we had our first Live show for The Voice which pitted Christina’s team against Blake’s.  I personally was hoping to hear two from each team so it was a little disappointing to find out we have to wait until next week for Adam and CeeLo’s group of singers.  Also I have to mention that I’m not a huge fan of Carson Daly.  He’s just not a good host in my opinion.  He doesn’t have a great personality and comes across dry and aloof.  Is it just me?

The show opened up with the four judges singing Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.  I thought it showcased the talent of Adam Levine and the vocal abilities of Christina but did nothing for the other two.  Christina and her girls rocked “Lady Marmalade” while Blake and his group did their best to butcher Maroon Five.  Apparently Adam thought the same thing as he laughed and made eyes with CeeLo.

I have to say the caliber of talent surpasses any other singing competition on television.  I personally thought Lily was weak and Raquel was forgettable while the rest soared.  Jared looked like a rock star singing Kings of Leon and Beverly was awesome singing Melissa Etheridge.  These are the two front runners for me last night.  I liked Dia’s remake of Kanye West and Frenchie was good as well.  Surprising to me is that Christina has done an amazing job coaching her girls.  When the show first started I thought Adam Levine would make the best coach and judge but Christina is giving him a run for his money and I like the friendly banter between the two of them.  In fact I’m seeing Christina in a whole new light.  She seems really cool and someone fun to hang out with.  Nothing like the Diva I thought she was even though she is that for sure lol.  Patrick will have a great career in country music and should give Blake some competition on the billboard charts.  Overall a great night for singing. 

Who were your favorites of the night?

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