What do you do when you’ve got a great new show with high initial ratings and reactions and you want to help it grow? Why you move it to the latest possible time slot of the night, right? NO! Geez, NBC.

Just like I predicted when I hear this terrible timeshift idea, The Voice episode 3 ratings took a plunge with a 19% drop from the previous week. Episode 2 aired at 9PM while episode 3 started at 10PM.

I don’t know about you, but I watched the first 15 minutes last night then caught the rest this morning on DVR. Look how cranky I am when I stay up until 10:15PM. Just imagine if I had watched the whole thing!

Come on, NBC. I like the show a lot. It’s got potential to outshine its singing competition. But give it a better timeslot already. Heck, give it 2 timeslots. Surely you can fill 2 hours a week, right?

Source: TV By the Numbers

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