Tonight on The Voice we’re getting a special live episode featuring the results from last night’s Semi-Finals performances.

Remember, one singer from each team will move on based on a combination of the coaches’ pick and America’s vote.

Great group performance of George Michael songs by the remaining eight singers. American Idol should be curled up crying with shame in comparison to the group disasters they put on the air each week.

The Voice Semi Finals results

  • Team Cee Lo: Vicci Martinez
  • Team Adam: Javier Colon
  • Team Blake: Dia Frampton
  • Team Christina: Beverly McClellan
  • Eliminated: Nakia
  • Eliminated: Casey Weston
  • Eliminated: Xenia
  • Eliminated: Frenchie Davis

Not a good night to only have one name. Last names appear to be a pre-requisite for next week’s finale.

Huge “BOO!” on judges Cee Lo, Blake, and Christina for doing even splits on their votes. Don’t cop out. You’re paid big bucks to be there and express your opinion, not wimp out when it comes down to the moment of truth. Xenia is not even with Dia, Blake. At least Cee Lo had the itty-bitty balls to give one more point in one direction over the other.

Huge round of applause for Adam and being the only judge to have the guts to do his job tonight.

What did you think of tonight’s results? Did your favorites make it through to the Final performance show next week? Tune in next Tuesday at 9PM for the last competition. The season finale will air next Wednesday when one singer will be crowned The Voice!

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