On this week’s The Voice 2012 results show we said goodbye to four more contestants after America’s votes were combined with coaches scores and one of the outcomes was a bit of a jaw-dropper.

A front-runner was sent packing after his coach’s score and America’s votes weren’t enough to keep him in the contest. Before we get there, we’ll start from the beginning.

After a long, drawn out introduction and some performances, the results were ready to begin. Starting with Team Christina, we find out that of the 100 points she had to divide between Chris Mann and Lindsay Pavao, she split them 50/50. Sounds like the right thing to do since they’re her team member and she should want them both to succeed. Go, XTina.

After Christina’s points were added to America’s votes, we found out that Lindsay’s total points were 96 and Chris’ were 104. That means Lindsay is going home and Chris is in next week’s finale.

After some more filler, Team Adam takes the stage. Carson tells us that Adam did not go the same route as Christina. He gave his boy Tony Lucca 60 points and America’s new favorite Katrina Parker 40 points. A-hole move, there Adam. After America’s votes were added in, Katrina leaves the show with 92 points and Tony moves on to the finale with 108 points. Do the math and make your judgments. Blame Adam if you’re a Katrina fan.

When Team Blake takes the stage, we learn he does the cool thing like Christina and divides his points fairly between Jermaine Paul and Erin Willett. He said he wants to leave the decision up to America and that’s as it should be. After each artists’ 50 points are combined with America’s votes, Erin walks away with 77 points and Jermaine advances to next week’s finale with 123 points.

And finally, for Team Cee Lo and the big shocker. The first part of the shocker is that Cee Lo gave more points to Juliet Simms than season-long frontrunner Jamar Rodgers. He split the points 60/40, just like Adam. And then when America’s votes were added in, Jamar finished with a shockingly low 79 points while Juliet ended up with 121. She moves on while Jamar goes home. Even without Cee Lo’s diss, Jamar wouldn’t have made it. It looks like America saw a little more in Juliet than Jamar this week.

What do you think of the outcome? Are you happy with the Top 4?

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