The Voice 2012 Top 8 took the stage by storm Monday night, singing for America’s votes. This is a pretty solid Top 8, so America, you’ve got your work cut out for you with this voting thing.

As always, I weigh in with my own thoughts as I review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved.

Amanda Brown, Someone Like You (Team Adam)

I really liked Amanda’s version of this song. Adele songs are way overdone on these singing shows, so this was a refreshing version and she killed it. She was totally in her element with the power-rock slant. Her vocals were there, her stage presence, all of it. Amanda will be in the finale, I’m sure. A+

Cody Belew, Somebody To Love (Team Cee Lo)

While I love the song choice (I’m a huge Queen fan) Cody couldn’t quite stack up to Freddie Mercury. And before anyone says he wasn’t trying to, it kind of sounded like he was from what he and Cee Lo were saying before the performance. It was a good performance, don’t get me wrong. He just doesn’t have that great big voice Freddie does. B+

Terry McDermott, Over (Team Blake)

It was a country song, but it didn’t exactly sound country. Terry still put his own self into it. He can pretty much singing anything with that smooth and clean voice. I feel like what Terry’s lacking a bit of a connection to his audience. I get a slightly arrogant vibe. But I might be wrong. What do you think? B+

Melanie Martinez, Too Close (Team Adam)

If every performance Melanie ever did sounded like this, she might not be one of my least favorite singers in the competition. Because this one was pretty decent. Actually, her last two I kind of liked. Now if she’d just ditch that hair! B+

Dez Duron, U Smile (Team Christina)

Bieber? Really? OK, let me try to shake that off. Actually, that song seems like it was written for a much more mature person than Bieber, so it actually worked out. It was fun and upbeat and allowed Dez to show a decent range. It was a pretty solid performance. B+

Trevin Hunte, The Greatest Love of All (Team Cee Lo)

It got off to a pretty weird start. I’m not sure what was going on there. But then it turned into something. He’s a great vocalist. That cannot be denied. But I find him incredibly boring. I don’t can’t really find a reason to say “I want to hear Trevin Hunte sing.” B

Nicholas David, What’s Going On (Team Cee Lo)

Zzzzzzzzzzzz. OK, I’ll be nice. The performance was perfectly fine. His vocals were good and the arrangement was fresh. But as you can tell, I wasn’t jumping up out of my seat. B-

Cassadee Pope, Are You Happy Now (Team Blake)

Well this old, mildly popular song isn’t one I thought I’d hear on a singing show. Luckily, it was Cassadee singing it and she was able to turn it into something. It was a great performance, but after her iTunes chart-topping performance last week, she had a lot to live up to and she just barely missed it. But still great, nonetheless. A-

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