The Voice 2012 Top 8

This week, four more contestants said goodbye to The Voice 2012 stage as the Top 8 was formed. So now it’s time to take a closer look at the remaining contestants and assess who’s got what it takes to actually win this thing.

Tony Lucca

Tony is a seasoned performer. He’s been on the stage since he was a kid, but he quite got that one break that shot him to super stardom. So he’s got that experience, but does he still have that drive? He seems to. And he’s a great singer and he’s got the look. The women surely love him. But there’s one major thing Tony’s got going for him that the others don’t and that’s star backing. Former Mouskateer co-star Justin Timberlake has spoken out in Tony’s support. Could he ride that wave all the way to the finale? I think it’s possible.

Katrina Parker

Katrina hasn’t had America’s support like I think she should. There’s something about her not catching on and it’s anyone’s guess what it is. But she can sing. I think song choice will be key for her to keep moving further. She might want to show us some edge next week. She needs to branch out to gain some different types of fans. Does she stand a chance at the finale? Right now it’s not looking so good.

Lindsay Pavao

Lindsay has been really hit and miss if you ask me. I don’t think she’s memorable enough to actually make it much further. I’ve sat her for at least a minute trying to recall my favorite performance by her and I can’t even think of my least favorite performance by her. Hopefully for her, it’s just me. I don’t think she will make it to the finale.

Chris Mann

Chris is a very powerful singer. That’s very clear. But what hasn’t worked well for him in this competition is an ability to be truly versatile. He might be singing rock and pop songs, but it still sounds like an opera singer singing rock and pop songs. Something about it just isn’t working. But he’s a great looking guy and gain, that voice is amazing. So he stands a very good chance of making it to the finale.

Jermaine Paul

Jermaine is a fantastic performer but I put him in the wild card category right now. He’s either going to go all the way or be done after this week. It’s a tough call. He’s good, but is there enough star quality there? I think so, but does America? He needs to do something that really makes him stand out. I think depending on what happens next week, Jermaine shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

Erin Willett

I think Erin’s great big voice and story have helped her a lot and could continue to do so. But we’ve learned she hasn’t been the biggest vote-getter on her team, so she could be in danger. I think it would be a shame for her to not go any further in the contest, so she needs to sing the right song and have a moment this week. Is she finale worthy? Yes. Will America think so too? That’s a tough call.

Jamar Rogers

Jamar has been playing this game the best. If you look at like a game anyway. He’s said all the right things, he’s told all the right stories and he’s performed well every time. He’s really trying to win this contest. And his hard work is putting him through. I think it would be interesting to see a vote breakdown for all teams combined, because I have a he could be at the top or close to in with votes. I think he stands a very good chance of making it in the finale.

Juliet Simms

I think Juliet is the most marketable of the Top 8, but she isn’t very good at seeming likable. She always seems a bit stuffy or angry. And this is a competition show. You can only come off as stuffy and angry on this show if you’re Christina Aguilera. I think she also has one of the most interesting voices, when she’s staying true to herself and not trying to pull of some gimmick. I think she’s kind of a wildcard at the moment, but probably won’t be winning this show.

If I look over all the things I’ve said, I think my thoughts spell out a Tony Lucca vs. Jamar Rogers showdown. Sure there’s a four-person finale, but it will actually only come down two those two, I believe.

What do you think of the Top 8?

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