The Voice 2012 Top 6

On Monday night, The Voice 2012 Top 6 took to the stage and performed two songs each. In the end, it was a night of cliché singing competition songs. As usual, I’ll recap each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved.

Round One

Nicholas David, September

What I liked most about this performance were the Bandstand/Soul Train dancers in the back. That was some pretty sweet staging. Nicholas was totally back in his element with this song. He did get a little overpowered by the backup singers a few times, though. B

Cassadee Pope, Stand

I’m wondering if this song is a little too obscure for The Voice audience. I mean, there isn’t a country artist in the contest for a reason, so I can only assume country fans aren’t watching (despite Blake Shelton’s presence). But that being said, Cassadee’s performance was pretty flawless. Her voice almost sounds like it’s getting better. A

Amanda Brown, Natural Woman

It was a very solid performance despite this song being way overdone on singing shows. I would’ve picked a better song for her, but hey, it was still good. A little screamy at the end, but great nonetheless. A-

Terry McDermott, I Want To Know What Love Is

This stripped down version of the Foreigner song was a great way for Terry and showcase his pure and clear voice. I think he kept it in his upper range a little too much though. I would’ve liked to hear some softer and quiet moments. A-

Trevin Hunte, Walking On Sunshine

Seriously? This song? Why would anyone ever sing this song ever? So tacky. And his vocals were weird. He didn’t even sound like himself. It wasn’t a bad performance, just odd. I already think he’s at some risk Tuesday night so song choice was everything tonight and this was a failure. C+

Melanie Martinez, Crazy

Well, I think her hair is a slight improvement. As for the song? I hated it. It was boring and I’ve never been a fan of her style of singing. But she had grown on me the past two weeks, but this performance set her back in my eyes. C-

Round Two

Terry McDermott, Stay With Me

The exact opposite of his first performance, Terry and Blake wisely chose a fun, song where Terry could just let go. And he did. He worked the stage and his vocals were solid. It was a fun song and one that a lot of people will recognize. Good performance overall. A

Trevin Hunte — And I Am Telling You

OK, I admit it was cool to hear a guy sing this song. But that being said, I think this is the night of cliché songs. The only thing missing is Adele and Feeling Good by Nina Simone. Ugh. His performance was great though. That can’t be denied. I had thought he was toast this week, but this performance may have saved him. A

Amanda Brown, Here I Go Again

Surprising song choice. And by surprising I mean amazing. What a risk. And what a pay off. It was just what people have been wanting to hear from her again. She’s crazy good. A+

Melanie Martinez, The Show

This song was more suitable for her singing style. And she sounded cute and all. But I like singers who sing. I don’t know. I’m kind of tired of dissing a teenager, but she won’t go home! So I’m left trying to not be mean and it’s SO hard. So I’ll just stop now. B-

Cassadee Pope, I’m With You

Last week it was Michelle Branch and now it was this old Avril song. Come on Cassadee! Do something current! It really doesn’t matter what she sings, though, because she’s so good she can make anything work. Even this. It was another great performance. A

Nicholas David, Somewhere Over The Rainbow

That was a good solid performance. At least I think so. I may or may not have fallen asleep. OK, I’m joking. It was good, just a little snoozy. B

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