In what seemed like a complete afterthought from the whole competition, The Voice 2012 Top 4 performed for a shot in next week’s finals Monday night.

Each artist sang one (sort of lame) song and that was it. One song each. One hour. Why was last week’s episode SO long and tedious and this one, which is a pretty important one, rushed through and boring? How odd! So are you ready for the shortest recap in The Voice history? Here you go.

Trevin Hunte, Wind Beneath My Wings

This song? This version? This was not a good performance for Trevin. To be completely honest, I absolutely hated it. Almost more than anything else this season. And that ending!? Was any of it on pitch? If you disagree with my grade on this one, please go back and listen to the ending. D-

Nicholas David, You Are So Beautfiul

I think Nicholas has covered all the sappy classics now with this one. This was a good performance for him, though, despite the annoying song choice. It took awhile to get off the ground, but when it did, it was pretty good. B+

Cassadee Pope, Stupid Boy

I was a little irritated to hear she was singing another country singer (Blake is clearly playing on the country vote) but I was happy that she didn’t sing in as if it were a country song. It was actually a really good performance and I think it will be popular on iTune, securing her a spot in the finals. A

Terry McDermott, Let It Be

First of all, Carson Daley saying that this song unifies everyone is ridiculous, but whatever, to the task at hand. I thought it was way boring. Terry sang it very well, but he did absolutely nothing to make it stand out from any other time it’s ever been performed. B+

The performances were just all so boring and there. It was probably my least favorite episode of The Voice ever.

One person will be going home tomorrow night and three will compete in the finals. Who do you want to make it to the end?

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