The Voice 2012 finale Top 4

The Voice 2012 two-part finale kicked off tonight with the Top 4 performances and after what seemed like about 15 hours, it’s finally over. The show just went on and on and on with song after song after song. It was all just a little too much. So much so that the pimp spot (the last performance of the night) might not be the best spot to be in if the show lost some viewers somewhere after the first hour or so.

On to the recap. As always, I’ll review each solo performance and assign each a letter grade.

Jermaine Paul

  • “I Believe I Can Fly.” I’m kind of over this song, but Jermaine picked a good time to use a well-known and powerful song. I think some people who might not have noticed him before might have noticed him tonight with this performance. It was a good performance overall and a smart move. (A)
  • “God Gave Me You.” Jermaine chose this Blake Shelton song as a nod to his coach and even though I have no knowledge of any Blake Shelton song, I’m not sure this was the best choice. It definitely wasn’t Jermaine’s best performance ever. (B)

Juliet Simms

  • “Crazy.” Her nod to coach Cee Lo with his song “Crazy,” again probably wasn’t the best song choice. I mean it was fun, but the song didn’t exactly suit her voice. (B+)
  • “Free Bird.” She got the pimp spot, so hopefully people weren’t bored with the show enough to check out before her amazing version of this song. I think it was the best performance of the night and probably the season. It was definitely a winning song. If America didn’t get the same feeling, there’s something wrong. She may have pushed herself all the way to the top with this one. But with these competition shows you never know. (A+++)

Tony Lucca

  • “99 Problems.” This wasn’t Tony’s  best effort ever. I mean I thought the arrangement was really cool, but the vocal wasn’t that amazing. It just wasn’t powerful enough or big enough for a finale. And then there’s that whole Christina Aguilera tension. She again went after Tony tonight. And if she wasn’t directly cutting on him, she was texting or tweeting during his stage time. Her issues with him have been handled with ZERO class. Shame on Christina. (B)
  • “Harder to Breathe.” At first I was thinking this was not the right song to sing for a finale, but then I remembered it was his Adam Levine tribute song and Maroon 5 really doesn’t have any really powerful songs because Adam’s not much of a singer himself. So much like his first song, Tony just didn’t do anything amazing or finale-worthy with the song. (B-)

Chris Mann

  • “The Voice Within.” Chris’ nod to Christina with this song was just kind of OK. Chris is an effortless singer, but tonight his voice was either tired or just bored. Or maybe it was me who was bored. I’m not sure. (B+)
  • “You Life Me Up.” This was a smart choice. It’s not an opera song, but it’s a big voice song and a lot of people love Josh Groban,  so I’m sure he picked up a few new fans with this. It was a much better effort than his first song. He really is a great singer. (A-)

So who is going to win? I’m putting my money on Juliet Simms with Jermaine Paul trailing close behind. I once thought Tony Lucca had an advantage but he just didn’t have the goods tonight. You can’t count Chris Mann out though.



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