The Voice 2012 Pip eliminated

The Voice 2012 said cut two more contestants, one another quite popular one, following Monday night’s performances. But before we get to the bad news, let’s get to the recap.

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved.

Jamar Rogers, “It’s My Life.” I thought this was a weird song for him and it was performed in kind of a weird key, but it still ended up being entertaining. Jamar is one of the best performers in the show. I didn’t say he was one of the best vocalists, but definitely one of the best performers. He should be safe for sure. B+

Katrina Parker, “Jar of Hearts.” First of all, Katrina looked just a bit different, did she not? Good, but different. As for the song, I thought it was kind of boring. I know, I know. I’m just not a fan of slow, draggy songs. But her vocal was great and I think she earned a lot of fans with this performance. A-

Mathai, “I’m Like A Bird.” She looked as awkward as she sounded on this. I thought this was one of the two worst performances of the night. I cannot stand her gimmicky voice. How many times do I have to write that? I am so sick of girls singing in that weird voice. It drives me crazy and I will never be on board with that sound. Ever. D-

James Massone, “Just The Way You Are.” Aaah, the other worst performance of this night. At least they were back to back. I think this guy is charming, sure, but his voice is so weak and they’re all talking about him being such the ladies’ man. Do ladies really like it when men wear head bands to pull their hair back? Good to know. C-

Tony Lucca, “Baby One More Time.” Take that, Christina. Speaking of Christina, could she come off any more odd and unlikable on this show? As for Tony’s performance, it was definitely one of the most interesting of the night. It was risky and creative and well-done. Very entertaining. A

Cheesa, “I Have Nothing.” Sometimes when she sings and gets all the praise I’m wondering if I’m watching a different show or losing my hearing because I don’t get it. I think she’s OK, but I think America got it right by almost ditching her last two weeks ago. And this time she took on Whitney. If you take on Whitney AND sing it in the style of Whitney it has to be flawless. And it wasn’t. She didn’t even slightly compare. C+

Pip, “Somewhere Only We Know.” Pip was great when he was being himself, but he let his coach destroy him. And that’s sad. Pip has been quite the fan favorite and Adam hasn’t done anything for the poor guy. And this performance was another example. It was again the wrong song for him. It was nice to see him at the piano, but not much else worked. If Adam spares him, America will save him. But will Adam spare him? B-

Juliet Simms, “Crying.” Another terrible song choice. Juliet is way better than this performance. She should’ve been singing Stevie Nicks, Pat Benetar or Bonnnie Tyler. The performance did get pretty bad-ass during the chorus, but a lot of the rest of it was just kind of OK. B+

After all the performances, the acts return to the stage for the coaches’ instant eliminations. Cee Lo sends James Massone packing and I completely agree with that. Adam unfortunately finishes Pip off and eliminates him. And while I wish Pip would’ve stayed instead of Mathai, I think maybe the show just wasn’t the right one for him.

What did you think of the performances and the outcome of the instant eliminations?

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