In a pretty rare occurrence, I found most of The Voice 2012 Top 12 performances to be quite entertaining. There weren’t any earth-shattering performances like there were last week, but there also weren’t any really bad ones.

So, all in all, it was a great show and America has some tough choices ahead of them in the voting. It’s hard to imagine any of the 12 contestants heading home Tuesday night, but that’s going to happen for two of them.

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved. Feel free to share your own recaps, grades and thoughts in our comments section below.

Michaela Paige, Blow Me One Last Kiss (Team Blake)

I liked the song choice. The start of the performance was pretty iffy, but it got better. She had a nice energy, but her voice never really connected. That wasn’t a great song to showcase her voice. The judges liked her and said it was effortless. I didn’t really get that, but what do I know.  B

Dez Duron, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Team Christina)

Dez’s performance was smooth and pitch-perfect like always. He’s got such a great stage presence, too. He looked like he was having a great time. The song was a bit boring, but the vocals were great. The judges loved him  A-

Adriana Louise, Good Girl (Team Christina)

This was a great song choice for her. Her vocals were there as was her energy. BUT, I’m not totally sure she’s memorable enough to move on past this week, but does she deserve to? Yes. B+

Cody Belew,The Best (Team Cee Lo)

This was not his best performance ever, but it was still good. Of course, like the judges, I think he’s always entertaining. His stage presence is so fun to watch and his vocals are never off. It’s all totally natural for him  A-

Amanda Brown, Spectrum (Team Adam) 

I knew it was going to be hard for her to match her Dream On performance from last week, but she gave it a shot with this one. That had to be a hard song to sing and she handled it very well. She clearly has an amazing voice. It was a bit shouty at times, however, but that’s the song. A

Bryan Keith, Back To Black (Team Adam)

Every single week Bryan amazes me with how effortless his talent is. I swear it’s like he just flips a switch and that great sound just comes pouring out of his mouth. He still needs to have a moment though. He’s got what it takes, he just needs to find the right song. If he doesn’t make it through this week, it will be a travesty. A+

Cassadee Pope, Behind These Hazel Eyes (Team Blake)

It was very nice to see a contestant with an instrument, even if she did seem distracted by it at times. Overall, it was a great performance. with a lot of energy AND she hit the big note.  A

Trevin Hunte,When A Man Loves A Woman (Team Cee Lo)

So tired of this song showing up on singing competition shows. It’s so boring now. And his version of it included too many runs. His vocals are great, but the performance was too indulgent. He needed to back off just a bit. I, of course, am probably the only one not flipping out over this guy. I think he’s great, but I find him boring. A

Melanie Martinez, Cough Syrup (Team Adam)

Melanie at least annoyed me less this week. But I didn’t like the song. And I really want her to change her hair. B-

Nicholas David, The Power of Love (Team Cee Lo)

First of all, what a horrible song choice, Cee Lo. It was all very cheesy and I think it was too upbeat for him. His voice lost its strength with this song because he clearly wasn’t into it. Cee lo did him no favors by giving him this song. C

Sylvia Yacoub, My Heart Will Go On (Team Christina)

Really? this song? OK, let’s see. It was a great performance, but after last week, I expected so much more. It’s hard to take this song seriously or imagine anyone other than Celine Dion singing it. I’m kind of bummed this is the song she ended up singing. B+

Terry McDermott, More Than A Feeling (Team Blake)

This is a good song. And Terry’s voice was as crystal clear and as strong as ever. And even though he went flat a coupe of times I really liked it and I think it’s safe to say he’ll be here another week. B+

Who was your favorite of the night? And have you shared your thoughts by taking our poll?

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