The Voice 2012 Top 20 became the Top 12 on Thursday night following two nights of Playoff Rounds. So the cuts have been made, and while there weren’t any real surprise cuts, there were some surprise voting results.

There were a couple of people who didn’t come in the Top 2 on their teams like most everyone expected. For the most part, the coaches made the expected saves.

Carson called up Team Adam for the results first.

  • Saved by America: Amanda Brown and Bryan Keith
  • Adam’s Save: Melanie Martinez
  • Eliminated: Loren Allred and Joselyn Rivera
No surprises here at all. I thought there could possibly be a chance that Adam would go with Loren over Melanie, but I was pretty sure Melanie would be safe. Her quirkiness will carry her a bit.

Team Blake is up next.

  • Saved by America: Terry McDermott  and Cassadee Pope
  • Blake’s Save: Michaela Paige
  • Eliminated: Julio Cesar Castillo and Liz Davis
I was actually surprised Liz Davis did not make the top 2 based on America’s votes since she’s the only country artist in the contest. And then I was surprised Blake didn’t save her. This was one of the bigger surprises of the night.

Team Christina’s team is called to the stage next.

  • Saved by America: Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub
  • Christina’s Save: Adriana Louise
  • Eliminated: De’Borah and Devyn DeLoera
I think just about everyone expected De’Borah to still be in the game after all the focus that has been put on her and the way she stands out in the crowd.

Team Cee Lo is the final team to find out the results

  • Saved by America: Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David
  • Cee Lo’s Save: Cody Belew
  • Eliminated: Mackenzie Bourg and Diego Val
The main surprise here was that Cody was not saved by America. I thought for sure he’d be a front-runner. I’m not surprised that Cee Lo saved him though. Had Cee Lo not saved him, I’d seriously have to question his mental stability. Cody is one of the best three of four contestants in the contest.

So there’s your Top 12 for The Voice 2012. The real votes start next week and any person from the four teams can be in danger.

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