The Voice 2012 T0p 10 took to the stance Monday night and it was another good show. I must say, this season is really solid compared to the past two. It’s hard to grade anyway below a C and I’m pretty picky. I will say that Team Adam shined just a little brighter this time.

On this week’s performance show, the coaches had some help with some industry insiders, including Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson.

Sylvia Yacoub, Girl On Fire (Team Christina)

This was a good song choice for Sylvia. And I’m always a fan of contestants playing instruments, so it was nice to see her playing the piano. She seemed to lose herself a bit during the chorus, though. I’m not so sure she did enough to make her safe Tuesday night. The coaches loved her, but will America? I’m not so sure. B

Terry McDermott, Summer of ’69 (Team Blake)

Per usual, Terry’s voice was strong and crystal-clear. It’s truly effortless for him. But I think I might be getting bored with him. This was just a mid-level performance. He needs to pull out something epic at this point. He needs to have another moment to keep voters interested. A-

Melanie Martinez, Seven Nation Army (Team Adam)

It was nice to see her with a guitar. Now if we could just get her without a Mickey Mouse bow in her hair. I guess I liked this performance more than I’ve liked her others. It was a good song choice on Adam’s part. She needed to shake things up a bit and this was a decent try at that. I guess. Ha. B

Cody Belew, Crazy In Love (Team Cee Lo)

OK, this was an interesting song choice. Was it too weird or did it pay off? No. It was weird. And it wasn’t even his best vocal. And since when is he an Adam Lambert wannabe? I thought he was a pop-country artist. Yikes. Bad. B-

Bryan Keith, New York State of Mind (Team Adam)

This song was perfect for Bryan. His crisp and effortless sound makes me stop and really listen every time. I really like this guy. I hope America keeps him around for a while longer. A+

Amanda Brown, Stars (Team Adam)

Welcome back, Amanda. I mean sort of. It’s no Dream On, but this week was way better than last week. I liked the song choice and the way she handled it. It was emotional and kind of haunting. Good job. A+

Nicholas David, Lean On Me (Team Cee Lo)

Eh. Nicholas has a great voice and always sounds great, but why Cee Lo picked this non-song I’ll never understand. It was boring, trite, and all those adjectives that always come to mind when I hear this overrated song. B

Tervin Hunte, Scream (Team Cee Lo)

He gets bonus points for shaking things up and stepping out of his ballad comfort zone. And he actually handled it well. The chorus was a bit rocky, but for the most part, he was solid. He might want to step back into the ballad zone next week. That is if this shake-up doesn’t throw voters off and he goes home Tuesday. B+

Cassadee Pope, Over You (Team Blake)

What a touching song and an equally touching performance. Cassadee definitely had a moment with this song and she has Blake to thank for that. Not only did he coach her, but he wrote the song along with his wife Miranda Lambert. Great performance. A+

Dez Duron, Feeling Good (Team Christina)

Oh this song. Now a singing show staple, I find it hard to take it seriously because I’ve heard it performed by so many people on show many different shows that it just irritates me. The vocal was fine. He didn’t do anything different with it though, so it lacked originality. B+

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