Next week, The Voice 2012 Top 20 will become the Top 12 after the “Playoffs.”

In order to get to the Top 12, America’s votes will decide two members from each team and the coaches will decide the final person, leaving them all with teams of three.

So let’s take a look at the Top 20 and weigh in on who probably has what it takes to go on and who might not. And these are just my thoughts and who knows how they could change after Monday’s performances. Feel free to weigh in with yours.

Team Adam

  • Bryan Keith: Bryan has some star power to him. I’m not sure he’ll get America’s vote, but he has a good chance to pick up Adam’s
  • Loren Allred: After her last performance, I think Loren should be in the final 12, but I’m not sure America remembers just how good her last performance was. I don’t see Adam cutting her though if he doesn’t have to.
  • Melanie Martinez: She’s just quirky enough to get America to notice her. I think she’ll be safe.
  • Amanda Brown: As the best singer on Adam’s team, I think she’ll be safe. And if she’s not, then it’ll be a travesty.
  • Joselyn Rivera: I can’t even remember her performances as I’m writing this right now. She’s probably in danger.
Team CeeLo
  • Trevin Hunte: Trevin is a phenomenal singer and if America is dumb enough not to choose him, Cee Lo will.
  • Mackenzie Bourg: I think Mackenzie could be in trouble. I think all the “he’s cute” voters will go for Cody.
  • Nicholas David: This guy is so unique and memorable that he should get a lot of votes.
  • Diego Val: Even though he’s the best performer on the team, he seems a bit off-putting. I think he should be safe, but will he? Team Cee Lo is probably the strongest team, so any of them leaving will be tough to swallow.
  • Cody Belew: After his iTunes chart-worthy performance of “Jolene,” I think Cody is easily in the Top 12.
Team Christina
  • De’Borah: I know Xtina loves her but does America? I’m going to say yes. I think she’ll be in.
  • Devyn DeLorea: Another forgettable singer. I think she and Adriana could cancel each other out. So either one could stay or go.
  • Adriana Louise: Like I said above, Adriana just doesn’t stand out enough.
  • Dez Duron: If there’s a Glee fan voting, then Dez is safe. This guy looks and sounds like he was plucked from Glee. I think he’ll be in.
  • Sylvia Yacoub: I don’t think she’ll fall into the Devyn and Adriana group, but I guess it’s possible. I think she might be safe.
Team Blake
  • Terry McDermott: Hands down, the best performer in the whole contest. He’s in. No ifs ands or buts.
  • Julio Cesar Castillo: Even though Blake is clearly a huge fan, I don’t think he’s good enough to catch America’s votes.
  • Liz Davis: As the only country artist in the bunch, I think Liz will make it through.
  • Michaela Paige: She’s got the rocker edge that could keep her around a bit.
  • Cassadee Pope: I don’t think she should have won the knockout round, but what do I know. Her fate is totally up in the air.
So what do you think? Who do you think will make it to the Top 12?


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