The Voice 2012 concluded its three-night season 3 premiere on Wednesday night and while it was fun and all, no singing show should ever be on three nights in a row. So take note, NBC. Just because you found something good, doesn’t mean you need to crash it into the ground.

Anyway, coaches Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera continued building their teams and there were some pretty good standouts.

The Standouts

Nicolle Nelson. Her version of “Hallelujah” got off to a slow start, but as it went on, the coaches and the crowd reacted. It was a great version of a song that we’ve heard time and time again on singing shows. So it was nice to hear her do a different version of it. All coaches wanted her and she ended up going with Team Adam.


Samuel Mouton: This guy’s version of “Redemption Song” got an immediate button push by Adam Levine. I at first thought his voice was a bit irritating, but then I listened past that fake gimmicky sound and could hear how clear and controlled his voice really was. I wish people would just sing and not try to sound so unique when it’s not totally natural. I did like this guy though so I’m glad he ended up on Team Adam also.

Nelly’s Echo. He pulled out “Ain’t No Sunshine,” another song we’ve heard a billion times on singing shows, and another original version that made it seem new. So props for that. Song choice aside, he’s a great singer and Adam and Christina were really interested, but for some reason Blake and Cee Lo were not. As for his name, Nelly’s Echo, I guess that’s his one-man band name? Weird. He joins Team Christina.

Domo. Now here’s a song you don’t normally hear during an audition of any singing show. I mean “Don’t Cha,” really? Ha. And who knew Cee Lo wrote that song. But it worked. The opening to the song was enough to get Cee Lo to turn around immediately. She got a little shaky later when it went more upbeat, so I wonder if Cee Lo would’ve been so interested had it not been for the opening of the song. regardless, she’s now on his team since no one else turned around. And it turns out, she’s a little full of herself. Woah.

Some other great voices were featured through the night and here’s a little montage of those singers that will be a part of the show at least through the battle rounds.

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