The Voice 2012 Blind Auditions continued tonight and the coaches continued to build their teams.

The talent was slightly less exciting last night, but there were still a number of standouts. Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton all added members to their teams. Adam Levine did not add any new members to his during this episode.

The Standouts

Adriana Louise: I wasn’t exactly feeling her version of “Domino,” but all the coaches were. I thought she was a little shaky and will likely end up leaving during the battle rounds. She chooses to join Team Christina.

Casey Muessigmann: First of all, I can’t figure out if this is his stage name (he actually says it’s pronounced “music-man”) but if it is, then I hate him. OK, I don’t hate him, but that’s a very silly name to create. Or at least a very silly spelling. Anyway, his version of “Sweet Home Alabama” was great. It was nice to hear a singer that was more of a southern rocker than a straight-up country singer. I liked it. Blake and Cee Lo like it too. In the end, he went with Team Blake.

Aquile: His version of “Your Song” was one of my favorites of the night. His voice was crisp and smooth and he’s got that look. He’s definitely the complete package. Christina, Adam and Cee Lo were all interested in him but he ended up going with Christina.

Makenzie Bourg: This guy was my definite favorite of the night. I loved his unique spin on “Pumped Up Kicks,” which is already a really unique song. I liked his story, his sound and his look. For some ridiculous reason, Cee Lo was the only coach to turn around. So he’s now a part of Team Cee Lo.

Julio Castillo: I’m not sure someone doing a song all in Spanish was grand enough as the big final number of the night, but it was still a great performance. His voice was strong and controlled. I wasn’t jumping for joy, but I am kind of surprised only Blake and Cee Lo were interested in him. Julio ended up going with Team Blake.

There weren’t really any “Should’ve Beens” tonight. They featured Leann Rimes’ tour manager, but he wasn’t that amazing, which is why he didn’t get any of the judges to turn their chairs around.

Part three of the Blind Auditions continue tomorrow. We’ll be back to do this again then.

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