During Tuesday nights’ live results show of The Voice 2012, two members of the Season 3 Top 12 were sent home, giving us our Top 10.

The one-hour results show included a lot of filler, but that’s how it goes. No one really wants to read a filler recap, so let’s get to the results.

Carson brought the Top 12 onto the stage and started revealing who America’s votes have saved. Sent to safety first were Team Adam’s Bryan Keith and Team Christina’s Sylvia Yacoub.

A little later Team Cee Lo’s Nicholas David and Dez Duron from Team Christina are sent to safety.

Following a quite painful performance of “Staying Alive” by Cee Lo and his team, Carson delivers more results. Trevin Hunte from Team Cee Lo and Team Blake’s Cassadee Pope are safe. Terry McDermott, also from Team Blake, is put through to the Top 10 next, followed by Team Adam’s Amanda Brown.

That leaves us with one person from each team: Cody Belew (Team Cee Lo), Adriana Louise (Team Christina), Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) and Michaela Paige (Team Blake). While this season, anyone from any team can go home, production clearly set up the results so there would be one person from each team left at the end. I hope people don’t assume those four were the bottom four. I don’t think that’s true at all. They MIGHT have been the least four votes from their teams, but there’s no way Cody or Melanie were truly in the bottom 4. They just needed one person from each team there to cause suspense.

So, with that being said, Cody and Melanie are saved and Michaela and Adriana are heading home.

While I agree with these results, I was actually surprised that Michaela was sent out. I had a feeling Adriana was in trouble, but I kind of thought Nicholas was the other person who didn’t connect with the audience the night before. I thought the song choice was all wrong and was almost certain it was going to land him in some trouble. I was wrong and I’m glad. Because he’s a great singer and just got stuck with a poor song choice.

So here’s The Voice 2012 Top 10:

  • Bryan Keith (Team Adam)
  • Sylvia Yacoub (Team Christina)
  • Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo)
  • Dez Duron (Team Christina)
  • Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo)
  • Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)
  • Terry McDermott (Team Blake)
  • Amanda Brown (Team Adam)
  • Cody Belew (Team Cee Lo)
  • Melanie Martinez (Team Adam)

Are you happy with that Top 10? Who are your favorite contestants?



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