The Voice 2012 Team Blake final 3

We said goodbye to two more contestants Tuesday night on The Voice 2012.

Following Monday night’s performances and instant eliminations, it was up to America to decide which two singer were safe and which four would be up for elimination on Tuesday night.

We start off the show with some talk about Christina’s controversial move last night when she cut Jesse Campbell. She rambles on about some stuff and says she’s not stranger to controversy. I translate that into “I want to create more controversy, so I’m going to eliminated a fan favorite.” Hack.

One of the best things about The Voice is that it gets right down to business. We immediately learn the safe singers and this at risk. Safe from Team Christina is Chris Mann, meaning Ashely De La Rosa and Lindsay Pavao will have to perform last-chance songs, hoping to earn Christina’s save.

On Team Blake, Jermaine Paul is safe, according to America. That means it’ll be RaeLynn vs. Erin Willett singing for Blake’s save.

After some Justin Bieber garbage, it’s time for the last-chance songs.

Up first is Ashely De La Rosa singing “You And I.” It wasn’t a very good effort. That’s one of Lady Gaga’s hardest songs to sing so I’m not sure why she picked it. Things aren’t looking too good for her.

Lindsay Pavao takes the stage next with Please Don’t Go.” And right away, I’m thinking maybe Ashely is safer than I thought. The start of Lindsay’s performance was just awful. And the way she pronounces some of her words just blows my mind. Why? Why would you sing with a totally different inflection/accent/sound than your normal voice? That’s not being unique, it’s being phony.

I’d save Ashley at this point. But Christina saves Lindsay.

First up for Team Blake’s save me performances is Erin Willett, singing “Proud Mary.” Her performance is filled with soul and comes off very effortless. Erin is a strong singer and is one of the best still in the game.

RaeLynn is the final performance of the night and her version of “I Die Young” isn’t even in the same league as Erin’s performance. RaeLynn is young and needs some growth. Erin is already there and ready for this. And someone needs to shake some of RaeLynn’s weird singing styles out of her.

I’d save Erin and that’s what Blake does.

Do you think America and the coaches got it right this week?

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