The Voice 2012 Playoffs continued Tuesday night and Teams Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green took to the stage to sing for America’s votes. There wasn’t a huge standout during Part Two like there was with Amanda Brown in Part One, but instead, a few really good performances.

Now that we’re into the individual performances, I’m reviewing each performance and assigning the letter grade that I think each performance deserved. Let’s get to it.

Adrian Louise, “Firework.” At first I thought it was better than Katy Perry’s version, but then the tempo got weird and the vocals weren’t really there. It was pretty disappointing. C-

Cody Belew, “One More Try.” Another flawless one from Cody. I think the should would’ve been a better one had Cody picked it himself like he did with last week’s “Jolene,” but the performance was great nonetheless. A+

De’Borah, “Who Knew.” This performance was all over the place. Literally. She was jumping and skipping and running all over the stage. And that really impacted her vocals. This was not her best performance. C+

Diego Val, “Bailamos.” Diego’s vocals were as strong as ever, but his energy was lacking this time. You could tell he wasn’t really in love with the song and that really changed things. Just let them pick their own songs, people! B

Mackenzie Bourg, “What Makes You Beautiful.” This guy is so relevant and now. Like right now. He’s got a great sound and I like the fact that he’s a musician and not just a singer. I hope voters see in him what I think they will. A

Devyn Deloera, “Bleeding Love.” This was a perfectly fine performance. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t crazy good. B

Nicholas David, “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything.” This was an effortless performance. It was smooth, soulful and just great. Please let America vote on the voice and not the fact that he’s not a 19-year-old hottie with abs of steel. A+

Sylvia Yacoub, “The One That Got Away.” First of all, I want to say this is the first time I’ve really heard this song and listened to the lyrics because I just don’t take Katy Perry seriously. So when Sylvia sang it, I listened. And I loved it. And I loved Sylvia singing it. I thought it was the best performance of the night. A+

Dez Duron, “Wanted.”Another effortless performance by Dez. It’s almost like he has a switch he flips and just goes on autopilot. Everything is just where it should be. The song was a bit boring, but everything else was right there. A-

Trevin Hunte, “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.” OK, this was kind of a lame song choice, but Trevin is way talented, so I’m going to look past that. The vocal was spot-on and Trevin almost made me forget how much I hate that song. Almost. A

What did you think of Wednesday night’s performances? We’ll find out what you and everyone else thought Thursday night during The Voice 2012 live results show. And speaking of which, can we please NEVER have three nights of one show in one week ever again? PLEASE?

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