The Voice 2012 Playoffs began Monday night and Teams Adam and Blake took to the stage to sing for America’s vote. It was a mixed bag for most of the night and then Amanda Brown stepped on the stage and blew everyone and everything away.

Now that we’re into the individual performances, it’s time for me to start reviewing each performance and assigning the letter grade that I think each performance deserved.

Joselyn Rivera, “Give Your Heart A Break.” This was a pretty weak performance. She seemed to lack control in a number of places  and there weren’t any great moments to the performance. The judges must have heard something else though because they seemed to like her a lot more than I did. C-

Terry McDermott, “Don’t Stop Believing.” Terry is an effortless singer. His crystal-clear voice is inviting and easy to listen to. He handled this song with all that east minus a few parts where it felt like he was fighting the song. But that was like seriously only one and half times. Maybe less. This guy is a natural. A-

Melanie Martinez, “Hit The Road Jack.” She’s clearly going for quirky, so she’s definitely successful in that area. Would she get me to listen to her on the radio? No. She wouldn’t last .5 seconds on my radio. C-

Liz Davis, “Independence Day.” Liz’s performance got off to a great and interesting start, but then it lost it’s pulse until the chorus. Then it picked up again and sounds great. I liked the performance overall. B+

Cassadee Pope, “My Happy Ending.” I thought I was going to hate this performance. In fact, I think I did hate the last time she performance. But this time it was completely different. I was really impressed with her. I thought her version of the Avril Lavigne break-up song was waaaaay better than the original. Great job. A

Bryan Keith, “Iris.” I really like this guy’s voice. He can do a lot of different thing with his voice, but my favorite is his lower register. It’s almost spoken, but it’s so clean, rich and commanding. I hope he stays in the contest. A-

Michaela Paige, “Everybody Talks.” Again, I thought I’d hate this performance based on earlier ones. I was wrong again. I think this is her best performance to date. It even has me considering looking for the original song because it’s one I’m not familiar with. B+

Julio Cesar Castillo, “El Rey.” This guy is clearly talented. He’s got a great voice. But I’m not so sure this was the right time to break out that song. The people who watch this show and actually call into vote aren’t going to respond well to it. I know I’m generalizing and shouldn’t, but I think a popular song this week would’ve done him better. If he could’ve waited just one more week when fewer people were getting cut. B-

Loren Allred, “All Around The World.” This is a song I never thought I’d hear on a singing competition show. And the end result is exactly why I was surprised to hear it. It came off as very boring. And the song is kind of cheesy. Let’s be honest. And I really really liked her last performance too. I just think the song choice was off this time. B

Amanda Brown, “Dream On.” Whaaaaaaaaat? Wow. Best performance of the night. Hands down. Her version of the Aerosmith classic was phenomenal. And she’s such a sexy performer. This performance was captivating. A++

What did you think of the performances? Who were your favorites. Tune in Wednesday to catch Teams Christina and CeeLo take the stage.

Favorite Performances of the Night:

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