Pip might have had his The Voice 2012 hopes crushed after Adam Levine instantly eliminated him this week, but the young singer isn’t letting it get him down.

In fact, he thinks it’s all really exciting, he told People Magazine.

The pressure’s off,” he admitted to People. “I don’t have to go on stage and think about being pitch-perfect for everything now. I can just go and play a show and not be singing for my life.”

And as far as Pip’s future, he thinks he might be OK. He says he went from 100 Twitter followers to nearly 33,000. So he’s got the fans. He’s just got to provide the goods. It wasn’t any secret that Pip was among the most popular contestants. And the outpouring of anger with Adam’s decision to send him home this week backs that up.

Will you miss Pip on The Voice? Will you continue to support him?


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