Last night on The Voice 2012, four contestants said goodbye but two were able to save themselves with their Bottom 3 performances.

While Erin Martin, Tony Vincent, Karla Davis and Kim Yarbrough were sent packing, Katrina Parker and Cheesa were saved by their coaches based on their sing-for-your-life moments. Here are the songs that kept them in the game:

Katrina’s take on No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” wasn’t the best performance I’ve ever heard, but it was probably the best of the three from her team. I thought Kim Yarbrough had such promise, but something just hasn’t fallen into place with her. So I think Adam’s decision to save Katrina was a good move.

Cheesa was one of the better performances from Monday night so it’s no surprise she earned Cee Lo’s save Tuesday night with her take on “All By Myself.” She shouldn’t even have been singing for her life. I wish that had been the case so we could have been spared from hearing Tony Vincent’s version of “Sweet Dreams.”

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