The Voice 2012 kicked off the live shows Monday night with artists from Teams Christina and Blake taking the stage.

Each artist’s performance will be reviewed and given a letter grade. In order of performance:

Jermaine Paul, “Living On A Prayer.” This was not the kind of song I’d imagine him singing, but at first I was pleasantly surprised. I think Jermaine got off to a strong start, but then it kind of went all over the place. It was intense, but not in a good way. I think he slightly over sang it. B-

Chris Mann, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” This was the right kind of song for Chris’ voice and musical style, even though it’s been overdone on singing competition shows. The vocal was technically flawless. It’s probably not the kind of performance I’d want to listen to all the time, however. So hopefully if he sticks around, he’ll switch things up a bit. A+

RaeLynn, “Wake Up Call.” Another weird song choice. The arrangement actually worked as country, though. It was RaeLynn’s vocal that I thought missed the mark. I thought it was a crazy vocal. Are girls on this show incapable of singing “normally”? Why do all the voices have to be so gimmicky? D-

Moses Stone, “Stronger.” Moses is a good performer. He’s got great stage presence and is clearly in the right business. For this performance, however, I thought he overdid it. Which seems to be the theme of the night. He didn’t mess things up enough for a bad review, but had he dialed things back just a bit, I think it would’ve come across much better. B-

Naia Kete, “Turning Tables.” The performance had a nice, soft beginning, but the song never really goes anywhere. There were a couple sweet moments still, so it wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t amazing. C+

Lindsay Pavao, “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Lindsay is actually someone on the show who has a unique sound that doesn’t sound faked or totally annoying. I think she was one of the better performers of the night. The production was a bit weird, but that’s OK. A

Jordis Unga, “Alone.” This song? Again? I love Heart, but “Alone” has to be the most overdone song in reality singing competition history. That being said, Jordis did a great job with the performance. It was SO much better than her battle round last week. A-

Sera Hill, “Find Your Love.”I wasn’t loving the song or the arrangement. She sang it well, but I was very boring. I think early in the game these singers need to sing familiar songs if they want to stay afloat in the contest. B+

Erin Willett, “Living For The City.” First of all, I think the staging was ridiculous. But I quickly stopped caring about that. Erin gave the best performance of the night. She’s got so much soul it’s ridiculous. And the fact that she started out at the piano was definitely a bonus. She’s insanely talented. A+

Ashley De La Rosa, “Right Through You.” Of all the great Alanis songs, this is the one Christina picks for Ashley? Bad idea. The song just kind of sits there in this minor key. And even though the song is so slight, it still kind of defeated Ashley. And that’s sad because she’s a great singer. Disappointment for sure. B

Charlotte Sometimes, “Misery Business.” Another unfamiliar song. I think Charlotte is a great singer, but the song just came off very boring. That being said, her performance should do enough to keep her in the contest, as it should. B+

Jesse Campbell, “What a Wonderful World.” Jesse is a great singer, but the arrangement of this very familiar song was so weird. So weird that it was distracting. I just couldn’t get into the performance because of it. Jesse has gotten so much airtime and buzz that he’s going to be just fine tonight, so I won’t feel guilty with my grade. B-

What did you think of the first live show of The Voice this season?


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