The Voice 2012 Tony Lucca live show

The Voice 2012 continued the live rounds Monday night with Teams Cee Lo and Adam taking the stage to sing for your votes. Overall, I think it’s safe to say the singers last week did a better job. This time around we saw a lot of risks being taken, but the payoffs weren’t so good.

Each artist’s performance will be reviewed and given a letter grade. In order of performance:

Katrina Parker, “Tonight, Tonight.” This was a very interesting song choice for her. She handled it just fine vocally, but overall it was just kind of boring, It never really went anywhere. And it definitely didn’t give her the chance to show what she’s really capable of. B+

Cheesa, “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” I really liked the beginning of the song. It was slow and smooth, then she released the energy right where this particular song intends it to start. I thought it was a great version of the song. And while she got a little winded a couple times, she pretty much stayed steady the whole song. A solid performance. B+

Tony Lucca, “In Your Eyes.” This guy has a very strange stage presence. I was really put off by it. But he’s a good singer. He got lost a couple times, but always found his way back. I hear he’s got Justin Timberlake pulling for him, so I’m guessing he’ll be safe this week regardless of any performance. B

Kim Yarbrough, “Rolling in the Deep.” FIrst of all I have to say that I think Adele songs should be banished from reality singing contests. TIRED! And further, Kim is way better than this performance. It just wasn’t the right song for her. Sure it’s a powerful song and she’s a powerful singer, but she’s from a different school, so to speak. Stay true to that. B-

James Massone, “Don’t Know Why.” And the worst song choice of the night goes to … seriously. Nora Jones? For a young guy? Ack. I thought this was a weird choice and a very weak vocal. I could barely tell he was singing. C-

Juliet Simms, “Roxanne.” Before the review, can someone please explain to me how someone has five failed recording contracts? Is that even possible? I think the performance had a bit of a strange start, but then she really took the song and ran with it. I like her old-soul sound. She’s got some Grace Slick and Janis Joplin mixed in there. It’s refreshing to hear a classic sound in a contest that is filled with that new, “unique” female voice. A

Matahi, “Ordinary People.” Speaking of that new, “unique” voice… ugh. Why can’t people just sing? Why do they have to sound so unnatural just to sound “unique”? I thought this performance was just weird. C-

Tony Vincent, “Everybody Wants to Rule The World.” Another weird song choice. This guy is a powerful singer, so why sing such a weak song? It did not work out well for him either. Like Kim, he’s better than this performance. B-

Karla Davis, “Airplanes.” This was yet another odd song choice. It’s nice to take a risk, but only if you can pull it off. And she didn’t quite pull it off. She was breathy and mumbly most of the time. The not-so-amazing performance mixed with her lack of early screen time will likely spell trouble for her Tuesday night. C

Erin Martin, “Walk Like an Egyptian.” Giving her this song was a smart move. Kudos to who ever deiced to do that. Why? because giving a non-song to a non-singer was the best thing anyone could do. Erin is not a good singer. She sounds “unique” and right now at this point in time, we (not me, but the nation collectively) thinks that’s the next big thing. In a couple years, we’ll realize how wrong we were. I’m rambling. I’ll just get right to the point. I thought Erin’s the weakest contestant in the whole contest and it showed again Monday night. D-

Pip, “When You Were Young.” Pip did the same thing a lot of others did tonight and that was strep outside his comfort zone for the sake of versatility. I don’t think Pip was bad. I think Christina and Adam were grossly unfair to him considering they weren’t that hard on Erin Martin. But I think Pip has such an important likability, that his sight flub Monday night won’t hurt him any with America. He’ll be safe. B

Jamar Rogers, “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” Jamar is probably one of the best performers in the contest. He’s not the best vocal, but as an overall package, he’s pretty high on the list. This performance was filled with energy and fun. He kind of commands the stage and radiates while he’s up there. Those are important qualities. And while the song isn’t a great vocal showcase, he still sounded good, so it all turned out pretty well. A+

What did you think of the performances? Who were your favorites?


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