Teams Christina and Adam called got together for a conference call to share some tidbits about themselves their experiences with The Voice 2012 so far.

Q: You have a lot of new fans now, not just on Twitter, but you have some celebrity followers interested in your guys as well. How does it feel to have a new fan base, including celebrities? I don’t know, if each of you could maybe say a little bit.

Chris Cauley: Yeah, sure. Well I guess I’ll start (unintelligible) shy and quiet. Hello. Yeah, I think it’s bazaar actually. I’m sure we all agree this is happening very, very fast, the past, I guess, what, 15 hours or so – not even 24 hours it’s been a rush. I know personally from experience I’ve gotten no sleep whatsoever. And I’m sure everybody can say the same. But me personally I’m just having a lot of fun with it. It’s kind of silly to take it too serious and to blow up your head. You know, at the end of the day this is a reality show. And well I know personally I’m just in it to have a good time and just ride the wave and catch as many blessings as possible.

Nathan Parrett: The support on Twitter is fantastic, and people are, you know, directing to YouTube where, you know, I have videos also. And that’s been a big blessing.

Moses Stone: I just wanted to say as far as Twitter it’s been a huge blessing. It’s been a great experience. Just to have a lot of fans and a lot of people connect with you and your performance and therefore you can be engaging with them and really build your following. And as an artist that’s what we all look for. We look to, you know, build that following and build that true connection and build a loyalty within our fans. So it’s been amazing. And the support from, you know, celebrity followers it’s overwhelming. But I definitely it’s a beautiful experience the way it’s happening right now. And I think as it progresses down the line it’s going to be even more beautiful and even more fans to come down and chime in and really get to know all of us as artists.

Pip: I think it’s just – it’s been incredible. I think it’s amazing to see how quickly this show has just exploded. And I mean, I’m just completely overwhelmed with everything. And really excited to see how things grow from this point on so.

Q: For Moses and one for Geoff from Team Christina. For Moses is, you know, The Voice is generally known as a singing competition. So what made you take the brave step into going there with a rap act?

Moses Stone: I think it was definitely a brave and bold move for myself. But I think, you know, it’s definitely time for Hip Hop to actually be recognized in a lot of the competitions that’s out right out. Not really many outlets for, you know, Hip Hop artists to really showcase their talents. And I feel that, you know, the show is technically called The Voice, but I feel that with every song and every artist it’s based on lyrics, and it’s based on the emotion. It’s based on the connection with the audience.

And I feel that rapping is the same thing. It’s poetry. And it’s a certain cadence and a person’s tone and their delivery and in the way they speak and the way they protect themselves that it’s the fame that’s using your voice and singing. And nowadays everything is all built together. And Hip Hop is definitely a big part of music in the genre. So mean personally I just felt it was time to really just step up and do something different and really just bring it to the forefront.

You know, I really want to represent Hip Hop. I want to represent pushing the boundaries and pushing the envelope between our artists. So that’s why I really picked the move to just come out and audition. And it was the night I got picked by my, you know, amazing coach Christina. And I’m truly honored and truly blessed and happy to be on her team.

Q:  And for Geoff, being that you’re 51-years old I’m sure that your journey into music stardom has been a pretty long one with some challenges and stuff. But can you share with us some of the opportunities you’ve had in performing music that led you up to The Voice?

Geoff Mcbride: Thank you so much once again for the opportunity to speak with you. And thanks so much to The Voice. The opportunities at 51-years old have been tremendous. I’ve had the opportunity to be on the stage with some of the best. And I feel like The Voice is an opportunity for me to get back out there and do what I do. It’s been a while, but I always had a dream. You know, the first go around doesn’t always turnout the way entertainers expect it to go. You know, and we know how fickle the industry can be sometimes.

You can get thrown under the bus. And I feel like with me that situation arrived. I jumped on it, I rode the bus, but now I’m ready to ride it and rise to the top. And The Voice is a great, great, great venue for that. I have much respect for the coaches, the producers, and the whole show, and every talent there. You know, to me everybody walks away a winner simply because of the way the show is handled.

Q: Geoff, since you’ve worked with so many people over the years, I mean, like, you know, Gerald Levert, Aretha, you know, it’s pretty impressive. How did that prepare you for this moment now?

Geoff Mcbride: I think over the years breaking that stage is – I never took it as a joke. I think that, you know, looking in the eyes of your fans and your fellow musicians knowing that you take what you do seriously – I think that’s what prepared me for now. You know, because everybody I’ve walked on the stage with is so serious and so (unintelligible) in what they do. So it made you want to be the best you can be. And that’s all you can really walk on that stage and be the best you can be every time you walk on the stage.

Q: So Katrina how did it feel? What went through your mind when Carson came to your office with the invite?

Katrina Parker: God. I wouldn’t say coherent went through my mind. I mean, it was a complete shock. I was giddy first of all, because, I mean, obviously at that point I realized what he was there for. And beyond that I was just in shock. And then when my coworkers came around the corner and everyone was clapping it was just – it was a ridiculous moment. I don’t think I’m ever going to have one quite like that again.

Q: To Pip. You had the challenge of getting to actually select which judge you wanted to work with since you got all four to turnaround for you. Other than the fact that Adam was the first to turn why did you select him?

Pip: Honestly, in the end he sold himself the best. He made it seemed like he really knew what he wanted to do with me and knew where he could take me. And he also critiqued me, which I really liked. And none of the other judges did do that. So I think that was probably the main selling point, that he could give me constructive criticism so.

Q: For some of you I’m thinking of Pip in particular, there’s a big difference between your appearance and your vocal style. Do you think that that blind audition element of The Voice worked to your advantage?

Pip: Absolutely, I think that the fact that they didn’t see me kind of made it even more better when they did turn around because it was a shock. And I know Adam said that that was one of his things that he liked the most and that was kind of his – that I epitomized the show a little bit. So I, I mean I think everybody has unique voices and that that was definitely a big factor in that.

Tyler Johnson: Great. And this one is for the group. Do you guys think that the fact that the show is so popular in its first season adds to the pressure of the competition or is that not really a factor?

Geoff McBride: I think and this is Geoff. I think that it does. And I think it also adds a great twist because once again there’s so much talent there, so much talent there.

Chris Cauley: I actually think it’s an advantage. I believe that, you know, NBC the first go around was probably, you know, it was a lot of trial and error and they weren’t really sure how do things because it, you know, it was the first season. And so I almost think it’s an advantage for us because they’ve already cutting the piece, you know, on the first season. So they have a better idea of what to do with us as far as production, as far as promotion. And we are definitely seeing the benefits of that today with none of us getting any sleep and our Twitter blowing up and Facebook blowing up. So we’re definitely seeing the benefits of that. And I know that, you know, speaking for all of us, we’re so just incredibly thankful, you know, to be part of Season Two.

Geoff McBride: Definitely.

Q: Of course last weekend we saw the passing of a great musical legend Whitney Houston. With people like her and other legends like Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson, has any of those people inspired you on who you would like to become as an artist?

Katrina Parker: Absolutely, all of those artists inspire me. I mean I was a huge Amy Winehouse fan. I was a – how could you not be a Whitney Houston fan? You know and we also lost Etta James this year. I mean this is – it’s been a very sad year and every single one of those women inspired me as an artist. I feel like Etta James was a huge inspiration to me. I love the fact that her voice was so delicate and so strong and so raw at the same time. I mean it was just – it was – I feel like it kind of encompassed everything to me that’s pretty perfect about a vocalist. So I definitely have been inspired by all the great ladies that have passed this year.

Chris Cauley: I’m going to add to that, to what Katrina said. Yes, it is so sad. And in this day and age unfortunately self-admittedly I am a big cynic in the music industry today. I’m very cynical about it all. And I just miss all the great things, you know, all of the Whitney’s and the MJs and it almost seems like we don’t have many of those anymore. Pop radio has just been compressed, you know, to, you know, just all kinds of different fluff beats and all kinds of things that don’t necessarily connect to the true musician. And I know you just mentioned Michael Jackson. MJ was a huge inspiration for me. As a matter of fact I made my living recently touring in a show called Man in the Mirror overseas which was a Michael Jackson tribute and I was honored to be one of the singers for that. And we got to tour all over the world. And the past two years on the anniversary of his death I had the opportunity to sing his songs. It since sold out in houses all over the world. And its just such an unreal experience to be a part of that.

So Michael definitely has a special place in my heart.

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