The Voice 2012 Winner Jermaine Paul

The Voice 2012 crowned its season 2 winner Tuesday night following the two-hour season finale extravaganza.

We didn’t find out the big news until the very end of the episode. Before that we got two full hours of performances by eliminated contestants and guest stars like Justin Bieber. Like “other” singing competition shows, the finale is always stretched out way too far and could easily be condensed to 30 minutes. No one tunes in to her Hall & Oates sing. Seriously.

So who won The Voice 2012? And which coach earned the bragging rights? Was it Tony Lucca for Team Adam? Jermaine Paul for Team Blake? Chris Mann for Team Christina? Or Juliet Simms for Team Cee Lo.

The Voice 2012 winner is Jermaine Paul. That means Blake takes the bragging rights from his boy Adam Levine. Finishing the contest in 2nd place was Juliet Simms. Tony Lucca and Chris Mann came in third and fourth, respectively.

Jermaine remained consistent throughout the contest and quietly edged out the competition week after week. And by quietly I mean with his big, powerful voice but unexpectedly. For a minute there, it was looking like dark horse Juliet Simms was going to beat the others to the finish line. She did get very close.

The rest of the night was filed with familiar faces during the Final Four’s final performances.

Jermaine took the stage first along with fellow contestants Jamar Rodgers, Pip and James Massone. The quartet performed The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” And it actually wasn’t that bad. Group numbers usually aren’t that great, but this was a good one.

Chris invited Lindsay Pavao and Katrina Parker to share the stage with him for their version of “Bittersweet Symphony.” And frankly, there was way more bitter than sweet in that performance. I’m not sure what was going on with that song, but it made the two-hour finale seem even longer.

Juliet took the stage with “A Little Help From My Friends” and she had a little help from Jamar, RaeLynn and Erin Willett. It wasn’t as bad as the last number, but it wasn’t that great either. RaeLynn was less annoying during this song, so that should definitely be noted.

Tony Lucca took on Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” along with Jordis Unga. It wasn’t a bad duet, but after the first hour and a half the only thing sounding that good was the end of the show.

Are you happy with the outcome of The Voice 2012?


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