So who won The Voice 2012? It all came down to Nicholas David, Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope.

After two hours of star-studded performances, Cassadee Pope was declared the The Voice Season 3 winner. Terry McDermott finished second place and Nicholas David finished third.

That’s the second win in a row for Blake Shelton, as he coached last year’s winner Jermaine Paul, who was surprisingly absent from the finale.

If anyone has ever read any of my past blog posts, then you might know that I cannot stand reality TV results show. They’re always to long and about 98 percent filler. The only thing I hate more than results shows are finale shows. They’re even longer and filled with even more filler. And then at the very, very end, bam, we get a winner and some confetti and usually a “swan song.” But not this time. We got even less than usual!

The Voice couldn’t even time the pacing right enough for Cassadee to sing a victory song! She started singing as the credits were rolling and then it cut off and went into local news! What a bummer. I say we make all results shows 30 minutes long! Just get down to business!

OK, now that I’ve got my gripe out of the way, back to the recap. And since there’s not much to write about since all the excitement lasted about 15 seconds, I could just wrap this up now. But I guess I’ll talk about my favorite performances of the night. Sigh.

I really liked Cassadee’s duet with The Killers. I love that single from the band and it was great to hear Cassadee sing it. Her duet with her hero Avril Lavigne was also pretty sweet.

It was good to see a lot of our favorites from throughout the season return to perform as well. “Rock And Roll All Night” was probably my favorite group number by returning artists.

We also were treated to a special promo of next season. We got to see Blake and Adam team up with Usher and Shakira (who are taking Christina and Cee Lo’s seats) in a humorous promo.

And then we get the results, and as you already know, Cassadee won The Voice 2012. I’m happy with the outcome. I was rooting for Amanda Brown earlier on, but after she was eliminated, I thought Cassadee stepped up as the clear frontrunner. I also think the order of the results were spot on. Nicholas in third and Terry in second made perfect sense.

What did you think of the outcome? Are you happy that Cassadee Pope won The Voice 2012? 


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