The Voice 2012 Tony Vincent

The Voice 2012 wrapped up the Battle Rounds Monday night as the final contestants were chosen for the live rounds next week.

And it was a pretty interesting night as it turned out to be the worst of the The Voice Battle Round episodes as far as singing goes. There were a lot of bad performances tonight. So much for the whole “best for last” cliche.

Kicking off the night was Team Cee Lo with James Massone and Wade battling it out to Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.”

James vs. Wade: The bad singing started off right away. James and Wade were both flat at times. And while James sounds like a singing child to me, I think his performance tonight was a bit less offensive than Wade’s. But just barely.

My Pick: James
Cee Lo’s Pick: James

Up first for Team Adam was Nicole Gaylon and Mathai singing Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song.”

Nicole vs. Mathai: Nicole got off to a weak start but I forgot all about that once Mathai started in with her fake, gimmicky voice that I keep hating on week after week. I seriously CANNOT stand it. It sounds so ridiculous and fake. Both were awful. I’d can them both. I can’t pick either of them.

Adam’s Pick: Mathai

Taking the stage for Team Christina was Moses Stone and The Line singing The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.”

Moses vs. The Line: I’m not sure if this pairing happened because they were the only ones who were left or if Christina was just drunk the day she paired these acts up. At least the vocals on this battle weren’t bad like the others so far. They were just so different, it was hard to figure out who was better. I think The Line may have been a little more cookie cutter while Moses was more edgy. On the other hand, The Line are better singers. But the female half the act is kind of uptight.

My Pick: Moses
Christina’s Pick: Moses

Up next for Team Adam was Karla Davis and Orlando Napier battling to “Easy.”

Karla vs. Orlando: I like that Karla is actually a pure singer. She isn’t trying to sounds like a cat in a washing machine like 95 percent of the other females in this contest. BUT. I think Orlando is a more interesting singer. This is a tough one.

My Pick: Orlando
Adam’s Pick: Karla

Representing Team Blake for the night was Jordan Rager and Naia Kete sining Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.”

Jordan vs. Naia: I feel like Naia was given the advantage with this song even though she didn’t do anything good with it. Neither of them did. I think they sounded absolutely awful and I’m glad Blake called them out on it. I’d go with the guy because I’m tired of weird girls in this contest.

My Pick: Jordan
Blake’s Pick: Naia

Closing out the night for Team Cee Lo was Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins with Journey’s “Faithfully.”

Tony vs. Justin: I felt like Tony was playing a part. He sounded great, but there’s not much heart there. It all feels like an act. Justin, however, is very believable and seems to be singing from the heart.

My Pick: Justin
Cee Lo’s Pick: Tony

Tonight there were a couple acts where neither person should have won. And that’s happened a couple other times. I’d love to see those people replaced with actually good people who had to go home. Like Justin Hopkins or Nathan Parrett from last week.

The Top 24

Team Adam:

  • Karla Davis
  • Katrina Parker
  • Kim Yarbrough
  • Mathai
  • Pip
  • Tony Lucca

Team Christina:

  • Ashley De La Rosa
  • Chris Mann
  • Jesse Campbell
  • Lindsay Pavao
  • Moses Stone
  • Sera Hill

Team Cee Lo:

  • Cheesa
  • Erin Martin
  • Jamar Rogers
  • James Massone
  • Juliet Simms
  • Tony Vincent

Team Blake:

  • Charlotte Sometimes
  • Erin Willett
  • Jermaine Paul
  • Jordis Unga
  • Naia Kete
  • RaeLynn

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