Christina Aguilera made her dislike of contestant Tony Lucca no secret during The Voice 2012. So what’s the latest on that weird feud?

It’s apparently spilled over into a full-on Christina and Adam Levine feud. According to multiple sources, Christina’s issues with former fellow Mouskateer Tony, upset his coach Adam so much that he wants to re-reord “Moves Like Jagger” without her vocals. And apparently Christina has called for Adam to  be fired from the show. Lovely.

But Tony Lucca told the Today Show he and Christina talked and while they’ll never actually be friends, they’re on OK terms.

“I think we could move forward being courteous and respectful of one another,” he said.“We actually had our first conversation that wasn’t mediated by Carson Daly. It was cool.  I think it was genuine.  She tried to make light of what clearly became a media frenzy over (her ongoing feud with Levine) and how I somehow kind of got caught in the middle of it. I said to her, ‘My hopes are that we can just be cool going forward.’”

So let’s see if Christina and Adam can patch things up before next season! What do you make of the feuds?


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