The Voice 2012 Blind Auditions continued Monday night and we saw the coaches pass on several good singers. That can mean one of two things: A) the talent is big enough that they can ignore just OK singers or B) the coaches are stupid.

Before the second round of auditions started, the coaches paid tribute to Prince in a medley that wasn’t as good as I had expected. But that’s OK, because the next group of contestants were entertaining enough.

The Standouts

The Line. The first duet of the season delivered a pretty good performance of “American Girl.” Blake turned around even before he realized the act was a duo. That says a lot for the male part of the duet who sang first. The other three coaches turned around as well. The Line decided to join Team Xtina.

Jamar Rogers. This guy’s past has seemingly empowered him. An HIV positive former crystal meth addict, he’s used his past to influence his future. His sound is gritty rock mixed with soul. Cee Lo was the only coach to turn around (which I couldn’t believe) so he goes to Team Cee Lo.

Gwen Sebastian. She looked like a rocker, but sounded like a country star and Blake took notice quickly. Gwen was probably the most unique sounding singer of the night. Adam, Cee Lo and Blake all wanted her, but she made the obvious choice with Blake.

Kim Yarbrough. A new trend in singing competitions is the older singer who just some how never found the right opportunity. Kim is that person for The Voice this year. The 50-year-old struggling artist might have finally found her platform. Her voice was powerful and her stage presence was perfect. For some reason Cee Lo and Blake pass on her, so she picks Adam over Christina.

Angie Johnson.  Host Carson Daley discovered this solider and YouTube sensation doing a performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” while deployed and singing in her military attire. While her YouTube performance was better than the one Monday night, she’s still a great and powerful singer. Only Cee Lo decided to share that sentiment for some reason. But that’s fine with her because she’s now on Cee Lo’s team.

Jermaine Paul. A former backup singer for Alicia Keyes, his performance of “Complicated” I found pretty odd. Not only was the song choice bad, but his performance was kind of screamy and off-putting. But Cee Lo and Blake heard some star quality in him. He quite surprisingly decided to join Team Blake.

Angel Taylor. She was soft and smooth then added some power when it really mattered. Adam, Blake and Cee Lo wanted her for their teams and she went with Adam.

The Should’ve Beens

Neal Middleton. I think The Voice needs a rocker like this guy. Sure his performance wasn’t perfect, but it certainly was not the worst of the night. He would’ve added a nice variety to the show.

Dez Duron. I’m really surprised they passed on this guy. It’s actually quite interesting how much the coaches wished thay had picked him after they turned around. It’s proof that the show’s format works. Had they seen the great-looking guy and not just heard his voice, he would’ve easily been on someone’s team.

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