The Voice 2012 kicked into gear Sunday night after the Super Bowl and it looks like the second season might be as bigger and better as all the coaches have promised.

After we got a nice rundown of how the process works, we got right into the first round of the Blind Auditions:

Raelynn.  Performing Miranda Lambert’s “Hell on Heels,” Raelynn was certain to get coach Blake Shelton’s attention one way or the other since he and Miranda are married. And she did. Blake smacked his button, but so did Adam Levine. I probably would’ve kept my hand off my button like Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. Raelynn was shaky and sounded a little too weird for my tastes. She chose Blake over Adam.

Jesse Campbell. Everyone went crazy over this single dad. His sounds was pretty effortless. He’s clearly a natural and that’s why all the judges decided they wanted him on their team. He decides to go with Christina.

Daniel Rosa. This guy was a ball of nerves and the coaches could hear it. No one chose to turn around, so we got all that awkward, sadness that is one of The Voice’s very few weaknesses. I just always feel so bad for the singers that don’t get any interest from the coaches. But I guess there’s no way around it.

Juliet Simms. This gritty rocker was giving off some Stevie Nicks-ish vibrator. So being a Stevie fan, I was immediately a Juliet fan. I thought she had some soul and a great energy. Adam and Cee Lo were the only two to hit the button and she surprisingly ended up going with Cee Lo instead of Adam.

Chris Mann.  What a HUGE voice. This guy was kind of amazing. I imagine he didn’t develop many instant fans with his song  choice, but don’ t let the song fool you. Someone with that kind of voice can sing anything. Christina and Cee Lo decide they want him on their teams. He obliges Christina.

Tony Lucca. The former Mouskateer knew Christina from back in the day, but she didn’t remember him at first. But that didn’t stop her from wanting him on her team. Of course, so did everyone else. And I get it. He has a great sound and a great look. But he’s already had a pretty active career as a musician and an actor. I’m never sure how I should feel about contestants like this. Is it fair that they’re getting yet another shot at super stardom? I’m not sure.  He goes with Adam. Maybe if Christina had just recognized him before he chose. She did later, but only after her picked Adam.

So far, so good. The talent is pretty top notch so far. What did you think of the season 2 premiere of The Voice?

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