Christina and Sera Hill the voice

The Voice 2012 coaches finished assembling their teams Monday night, which means next week we get to watch contestants go head to head in the The Voice battle rounds.

During the episode we saw a lot of hesitation and rejection because the coaches were nearing the ends of their 12-member teams. Adam filled his team first to no one’s surprise, followed by Cee Lo, then Blake. So it all came down to ultra-picky Christina. She had — what seemed to be the pleasure — of single-handedly — rejecting several singers in a row before she found her final one.

Christina liked her final choice so much that she decided to jump on stage and join her for a duet. And unless Christina always has her red microphone on standby for singing emergencies, than someone knew that was going to happen. But whatever, it was fun to watch anyway.

The Standouts

Whitney Myer. Even though she look like Little Orphan Annie all grown up, she had a great voice. Her sound was unique but not in that gimmicky way I’m apparently obsessed with writing about. All the coaches wanted her but Adam won.

The Shields Brothers. I didn’t exactly care for this duo. They’re performers, sure, but singers? I’m not sure. Since this show is called The Voice, I think Cee Lo may have overreacted when he pushed his button. They probably won’t make it past the battle round.

Cheesa. I don’t think “If I Were a Boy” should ever be performed for an audition. It’s just in such a weird key that even Beyonce sounds kind of flat singing it. Cheesa is clearly a good performer though, and Cee Lo saw that at the last minute as he was the only to push his button.

Lex Land. I could barely hear her singing. And when I did, it was again that gimmicky girl-sound that I can’t stand. Everyone but Xtina was interested in her. She chose Blake.

Orlando Napier. A true musician, he has a smooth and effortless sound. His confidence borders on cockiness, but that’s usually better than insecurity. Adam pushed his button and Orlando made 12 members for Adam’s team.

Lee Koch. He’s current and unique. And there was something missing until he pulled out the harmonica. That pushed him over the line. And Christina thought so, too. He joins her team.

Wade. “Rehab” was an interesting song choice for him. It shows he’s a risk-taker and if his risks pay off as much as his fun and unique version of this one, then Cee Lo will be happy he filled his last spot with this guy.

Adley Stump. One of the few true country sounds to take the stage, she played the part well. I was happy to see Blake decided to fill his team with her, but only after battling Christina for her.

Sera Hill. The final performer of the night stole Team Xtina’s last spot. And her strong voice and confidence was enough to Christina out of her seat and join her on stage.

The Should’ve Beens

David Dunn. His sound was effortless and smooth and so easy to listen to. But no one picked him. They picked The Shields Brothers but not this guy? Robbery.

Preston Shannon. His soulful and blues-y sound would’ve added some great diversity to the show, but it seems like this show tends to lean more younger. Such a shame.

Cameron Novack. He might have been disgustingly cocky, but his sound was so unique that someone should have picked him. Of course they all regretted not doing it when they realized he wasn’t a woman. And about that, I didn’t get it. He didn’t sound female to me. Did he to you?

What performances were your favorites? If you missed any or want to relive them, here are some our favorites:

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