The Voice 2012 coaches continue to build their teams of 12 and the closer they get to that magic number, the pickier they get.

So needless to say, we saw a lot of great performers not make it during this week’s Blind Audition episode. Before I get into the rundown, let’s talk briefly about that sound so many female performers have these days. All across the board: American Idol, X Factor and The Voice, there are these females auditioning with these strange gimmicky voices.

It used to be unique and interesting. Now it’s just coming off as forced, gimmicky and kind of irritating. I often find myself asking the question “doesn’t anyone just sing normally anymore?” Do you know that sound I’m talking about? It’s kind of like Florence and The Machine mixed with Zooey Deschanel. I’m not saying it’s a bad sound, it’s just kind of unnatural and now overdone.

Moving on…

The Standouts

Jonathas. This guy had the girls in the audience going crazy. The show kind of loses its uniqueness when the audience reacts to the performers’ appearance. I thought the guy was a bit flat  but Christina and Cee Lo like him enough to fight over him. He ends up picking Team Xtina.

Monique Benabou. She had great tone and was very consistent. She’s not my favorite or anything, but picky Christina liked her enough to turn around, so I thought she’d get a mention here. She’s now on Team Christina.

Naia Kete. This is one of those sounds that I mentioned about. She has a nice tone and is definitely interesting. Blake and Cee Lo both want her on their teams and she goes with Blake.

Charlotte Sometimes. Is that name real? Again, Charlotte has that unnatural voice thing going. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m very distracted by this phenomenon. Maybe I’m just crazy. The coaches all love her and she picks Blake. He’s on a roll.

Tony Vincent. He’s a bit showtune-y, but that’s not a bad thing. He’s got that great power in his voice that can command a live audience. So with the right guidance, he could become a great contestant. Cee Lo decides to lend his coaching skills.

Jamie Lono. He was probably my favorite male singer of the night. His voice was unique yet natural and strong yet smooth. Adam and Cee Lo both turn around and he chooses Team Cee Lo.

Mathai. FINALLY. A female with a unique sound that doesn’t sound forced or gimmicky. She definitely has a sound like no other. It’s believable and easy to listen to. And her confidence is as strong as her voice. She goes with Team Adam.

The Should’ve Been

Ducky. I couldn’t stand his look, but I loved his energy and his sound. I thought he was unique, which is what the coaches are looking for, but no one turned around. I think they regretted it.

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