The Voice 2012 continued the Blind Auditions round Monday night and Christina Aguilera, Adam Leving, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton are proving that they’re all taking a different approach to choosing their teams this season.

The coaches aren’t turning around for just anyone this season. Several times tonight only one or two coaches turned around for really good singers. And a couple times no one turned around. There were some great singers to make it through the Blind Auditions, however.

The Standouts

Sarah Golden. Even we got the “Blind Audition” treatment with the first contestant of the night. I was seriously thinking they wouldn’t show us her face because it wasn’t human  or something. Or she just had one giant eyeball. I hope she didn’t get offended by how they treated that, because she wasn’t some hideous-looking person. So random. Anyway, she sounded great. She had a realness to her and a natural sound. Cee Lo and Adam both turned for her. She went with Cee Lo.

Pip. This kid is so cool he doesn’t need a last name. And I’m not even being sarcastic. I think I’m a fan. He’s this small little guy in a bow tie but when he sings, it’s this towering, suave stud. He’s a great representation of why The Voice works. All four coaches were interested in Pip. He went with Adam.

Erin Willett. Touching stories aside, this girl has a giant voice. I was entertained and so was Blake. I was very surprised no one else turned around. So it’s Team Blake for her.

Geoff McBride. This guy had some of the best energy and stage presence to match his powerful and soulful voice. He went with Team Xtina.

Erin Martin. She definitely had the look. But I thought her voice was very gimmicky. There was nothing natural about it and left me wondering if she even had a range. Adam and Christina passed on the gimmick, but Blake and Cee Lo were all over it. She picked Cee Lo’s team.

James Massone. How do I say this without it coming out wrong? Let me just say James did not sound like a little white boy in a letterman jacket. He had some soul, a great tone and the right look. He does seem like he needs to lighten up a bit, though. He joins Team Cee Lo.

Chris Cauley. The alliteration writes itself with this guy: Smooth, silky and steady. He has a great tone and I’m glad Adam and Cee Lo agreed. He makes the obvious choice with Team Adam.

Jordis Unger. She poured every once of herself into her audition. Her voice is powerful and full of soul. Christina, Blake and Cee Lo were all fighting for her. Blake won.

The Almosts

David Grace. The manly man had Team Blake written all over him. He gave an actual interesting performance of “Sweet Home Alabama.” That’s hard to do with that overdone song. He had one of the more naturally unique sounds of the  night, but everyone passed.

Winter Rae. I’m not sure she really belongs in this category, because I wasn’t a fan, but I could see how she would’ve made a good contestant for the show. I thought she was a good singer and had an interesting look, but her attitude was a bit cocky. She even name-dropped Perez Hilton, who showed up for her audition. Maybe her attitude came out in the voice and the coaches could hear it.

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