The Voice 2012 finished its Blind Auditions rounds on Monday night when the judges each finished building their teams by filling their final few spots.

Maybe I was just in a bad mood or something, but they sure didn’t save the best auditions for last. I just wasn’t very impressed with many of the performers. I mean there were clear standouts, but there wasn’t much to stand out from. I think we’re all just ready to move on from the The Voice Blind Auditions.

The Standouts

Nathalie Hernandez: I think Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera jumped the gun when they both immediately hit their buttons on this one. While she was a decent singer, I don’t think she ended up being as good as they thought. And she sang a Taylor Swift song better than Taylor Swift sings it, but that’s not saying much. She went with Team Christina but I think we can expect her to exit in the Battle Rounds.

Caitlin Michelle: Cliche cliche cliche. The bangs. The two-tine hair. The Florence + The Machine song. So three seasons ago. Can’t female singers find a new gimmick? Especially now that even the guys are picking up on the weird-voice-hipster-look thing. Ugh. Anyway, she has a nice tone, just not a ton of control. Or maybe that was nerves. At any rate, she’s now on Team Adam.

Nicole Johnson: Finally a singer who is both natural and just plain good. And she doesn’t get a chair to turn around half as quickly as the others. I must have weird musical tastes. Or I’m really outdated and old-fashioned. Anyway, I liked her country version of “Mr. Know-It-All” and really thought she’d get more than just Cee Lo and Blake to turn around. She wisely chose to join Team Blake.

Chevonne: Again, another good singer who barely even got picked because only two coaches waited until the last-minute to turn around. She was a back-up singer for Lady Gaga and wants to step out on her own and I think she’s ready. She was clearly nervous, but she has a great tone and great control and picked a fantastic song to sing: “Brass in Pocket” by The Pretenders. She joined Team Cee Lo.

Kayla Nevarez: This girl was probably the best audition of the night. She sounds and looks commercial and her voice is effortless. I think we can expect her to go far. Let’s see if Adam helps her get there.

Celica Westbrook: At 16, she’s more advanced than most. Her version of “A Thousand Years” was another one of the best of the night. Even though her voice is mature, you can tell her age in her emotions. She might need to work on connecting with her audience. That’s usually hard for a young person who hasn’t experienced life’s struggles.

Rudy Parris: He sounds country but sure doesn’t look it. That’s what The Voice is all about. His version of “Every Breath You Take” caught the attention of Blake and Cee Lo. In the end, he went with Team Blake.

Cody Belew: With only Cee Lo left to make his final choice, it was all or nothing for Cody. Luckily, he made it an easy choice. He’s a great singer and has a lot of energy and spunk. He’s going to be hilarious to watch. I hope he sticks around for awhile.

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