The Voice 2012 continued the Blind Auditions round of the third season Monday night and Adam, Blake, Cee Lo and Christina continued to build their teams.

There were fewer standouts and a couple of duds this time around, putting this episode as one of my least favorite of the season. Let’s take a look at the standouts.

The Standouts

Melanie Martinez. I first thought she looked like Minnie Mouse mated with Olive Oyl and I knew right away that she was going to have that gimmicky Bjork on meth girl sound that I spent all last season complaining about. And I was right. But with her, it’s slightly different. She’s naturally unique, so when she sings in that voice, I find it more believable than some of the others. Blake, Adam and Cee Lo were all interested in her and she goes for Team Adam.

Brian Scartocci. This single dad’s version of “Isn’t She Lovely” had me sold right away. He has a nice tone and great control of his voice. And who doesn’t like a single dad story? Christina was the only coach not interested, so Brian had the three guys to choose from. He decided to join Adam’s team.

Liz Davis. She’s one of the few country singers to be featured so far this season and she’s so far been one of the best. I feel like she had a couple of moments where she seemed to not have much control of her voice, but she was still entertaining and confident. Adam, Christina and Blake all hit their buttons and she went with fellow country singer Blake.

JR Aquino. A YouTube sensation, JR took to The Voice stage with “Just The Way You Are.” His sound was smooth and effortless and it was quickly clear that this guy needs to be singing professionally and not just in front of a camera for YouTube. Out of Christina, Cee Lo and Adam, JR goes with Cee Lo’s team.

Nicholas David. This guy represents what The Voice is about. He does not have that star look. He needs a shave and a new wardrobe, but his voice needs NO work at all. His jazzy version of “Stand By Me” was amazing. For some reason only Cee Lo turned around so that means he’s Team Cee Lo.

Avery Wilson. Welcome the star of the night (so far the star of the season). This guy’s version of “Without You” had all judges interested and the web abuzz. His voice is effortless, tender, strong, controlled. Perfect, dare I say? And he’s just 16. Unless something ridiculous happens, you can expect this guy to guy to guy all the way to the finale. I’m saying it now. I won’t say he’ll win, but he’ll be around for a while.

The Should’ve Beens

Cupid. OK, this guy had a hit called “The Cupid Shuffle.” And according to him, I should know of the song. But I do not. But anyway, he’s apparently a one-hit wonder and he wants to be known as something other than that. So what does he do? He performs that SAME hit on The Voice. And no on turns their chairs around. WHY would he sing that song? What a terrible choice. He’s a good singer too. He could’ve made it had he just performed a different song.

Tyler Lillestol. Another bad song choice, another failed audition. I really really like this guy. He was a nice tone and had complete control of his voice. And he seemed like a very genuine guy. But his version of Usher’s “U Got It Bad” didn’t cause any coaches to turn around. Had he only picked a different song. Poor guy.

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