The Voice Sera vs Geoff

The Voice 2012 Battle Rounds continued Monday night and I have to say, I understand why these performances were placed in the middle of the Battle Round episodes. Because they were pretty boring and predictable.

The coaches continue to choose (most of) the contestants that were showcased earlier in the season. I say most of because there was one battle in particular (Jamie Lono vs. Jamar Rogers) that featured two contestants who were showcased earlier. Both also found an immediate outpouring of fan support.

First up in the The Voice Battle Rounds came from Team Christina. She chose Geoff McBride to go against Sera Hill singing “Chain of Fools.”

Geoff vs. Sera: Both singers are and were very powerful. Neither singer was worse than the other, but Geoff tended to be a little shout-y at times. But it’s a contest and that’s forgivable. It’s definitely a tough call, but I thought the choice was obvious.

My Pick: Geoff

Christina’s Pick: Sera

Up first from Team Blake was Charlotte Sometimes and Lex Land singing Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.”

Charlotte vs. Lex: I’m not sure why Blake picked such a mellow song for a singing competition. Don’t get me wrong – this song is one of my current favorites, but I just don’t see it as a singing competition song. And it showed. Charlotte’s voice came off very annoying to me. It’s just so unnatural that I can’t stand listening to it. Lex’s voice is  much more natural. She’s a bit whispery, but I still think she’s a better vocalist in the end.

My Pick: Lex

Blake’s Pick: Charlotte

From Team Cee Lo we get Sarah Golden going head to head with Juliet Simms singing Rod Stewart’s “Stay With Me.”

Sarah vs. Juliet: Juliet’s unique sound is far less annoying than Charlotte’s. She sounds like she should be doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show on a loop, but I kind of like that. Sarah is solid, but ends up coming off shaky. By then end of the song it’s obvious that this pairing was a bad one. They sounded terrible together. But I think one singer still stick out more than the other.

My Pick: Juliet

Cee Lo’s Pick: Juliet

Team Adam’s first duel is between Kim Yarbrough and Whitney Myer with Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama.”

Kim vs. Whitney: This is one of those instances when it’s obvious from the get-go who is going to win. Especially when my first thought was “who is Whitney Myer.” Unfair camera time aside, Kim is such an amazing singer, there was really no question there either.

My Pick: Kim

Adam’s Pick: Kim

From Team Christina we’ve got Lindsay Pavao and Lee Koch doing Nirvan’s “Heart Shaped Box.”

Lindsay vs. Lee: Again, another weird song choice for a singing contest.Lee’s start was as irritating as Charlotte’s so I immediately lean toward Lindsay even though she’s pitchy. Then they kind of come together and clash hard. I think they sounded terrible together. And that makes it hard to figure out who should go on. I think I’ll go with the one who sounds more natural.

My Pick: Lindsay

Christina’s Pick: Lindsay

Closing out the night from Team Cee Lo were early fan favs Jamar Rogers and Jamie Lono. Cee Lo gave them the Foreigner hit “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Jamar vs. Jamie: Jamar is definitely a better singer, but Jamie is more interesting. I really liked Jamie during his blind audition, but during this round, he just kind of stayed in Jamar’s shadow. I actually think this pairing was terribly unfair. They’re not even in a somewhat similar league. I think it’s the worst pairing of the night.

My Pick: Jamar

Cee Lo’s Pick: Jamar

What did you think of this installment of the Battle Rounds? Did the coaches make the right decisions?

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