The Voice 2012 Battle Rounds continued Tuesday night in a faster, more condensed episode. Tonight wasn’t as existing as the night before, but it did include at least two really strong battles.

What I really didn’t like were the two shortened battles where we didn’t even get to see them perform entire songs. That’s what happens, I guess, when you supersize your teams. On to the recap.

Team Cee Lo’s Cody Belew vs. Domo, “Telephone.” First of all, I thought this was going to be a ridiculous song choice designed to ensure Domo a win and Cody a dismissal. Domo even said she knows the song like the back of her hand. But I was underestimated Cody, his huge talent and that underlying sass. He handled the song just as well as she did and in then end deserved more credit because it was a bigger challenge for him. My pick: Easily Cody. Cee Lo’s pick: Cody.

Team Christina’s Aquile vs. Nathalie Hernandez, “You Give Me Something.” This battle wasn’t as cut and dry for me as the last one. Both of these singers are fantastic for different reasons. Aquile is effortless and polished. Nathalie is raw and sweet. Their performance was very enjoyable. My pick: Aquile, with many hopes that someone enlists the steal. Christina’s pick: Aquile. Sadly, no one steals.

Up next are the two battles that we only got to see snippets of.

Team Christina’s Celica Westbrook vs Lisa Scinta, “My Life Would Suck Without You.” Christina’s pick: Celica

Team Blake’s Charlie Rey vs. Rudy Parris, “Bad Day.” Blake’s pick: Rudy.

Team Adam’s Caitlyn Michelle vs. Melanie Martinez, “Lights.” So this was the closing battle of the night. Which means production thought it was worth closing the show with. I, however, do not agree. This battle actually made me want to put my head in the microwave and turn it on. I make no secrets with my distaste for the style many female singers are into this day. That airy, forced, weird sound that is in no way anyone’s natural voice. I can’t take it. I wouldn’t pick either of them. Adam picks Melanie. Cee Lo and Blake go in for the steal with Caitlyn. She goes with Team Cee Lo.

What did you think of Part 2 of The Voice 2012 Battle Rounds?

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