The Voice 2012 Battle Rounds kicked off Monday night and I have to say this is by far my favorite part of this show. I love the battle aspect, the advisers aspect and I especially love the new steal option.

I tend to not like auditions and then get bored with the live shows, so I’m really going to enjoy the next couple of weeks with the Battles. Let’s take a look at how the Battles played out.

Team Blake’s Casey Muessigmann vs. Terry McDermott, “Carry On Wayward Son.” Terry’s crystal-clear pitch and rocker vibe sold me right away. Casey is a great signer with control and range, however. But in the end, I think Terry has a more interesting sound.  My pick: Terry. Blake’s Pick: Terry.

Team Adam’s Bryan Keith vs. Collin McLoughlin, “Santeria.” Bryan’s performance was effortless and his tone was spot-on. And his stage presence was top-notch. Collin has an amazing sound and personality, but his stage presence is iffy. He seems kind of awkward. This was an incredibly tough call. I think I’d pick Bryan BUT only because I’d be sure one of the other coaches would steal Collin. Because he deserves to be in this. Adam’s Pick: Bryan. Blake and Cee Lo go in for the steal. Collin picks Blake.

Team Cee Lo’s Diego Val vs. JR Aquino,  “Jessie’s Girl.” Diego has a great tone and style about him. And his energy on stage is amazing.  JR has a strong, polished sound, but Diego really showed him up. My Pick: Diego. Cee Lo’s Pick: Diego.

Team Christina’s De’Borah vs. Nelly’s Echo, “Message in a Bottle.” To be honest, I thought they both over-sang this one. I was nearly irritated. Both have a great energy, though. I think if I really had to make a decision, I’d go with Nelly’ Echo, despite his ridiculous name. Xtina’s pick: De’Borah.

Team Blake’s 2Steel Girls vs. Gracia Harrison, “Sin Wagon.” This was another tough one. I couldn’t really pick one that I liked better than the other. They were both entertaining and worth of being on the show. I think Gracia might be more marketable though than the duet act, so I’d pick Gracia. Blake’s pick: Gracia.

Team Cee Lo’s Amanda Brown vs. Trevin Hunte, “Vision of Love.” Amanda’s confidence and power is what stood out for her. Trevin wasn’t as confident, but he had more emotion and seems to make an easier connection with his audience. This was another rough one because both were great performers. Even before Cee Lo made his choice, the other coaches planned to steal the one left.  Considering that, I would’ve gone with Tervin. Cee Lo’s pick: Trevin. Adam, Blake and Christina all go in for the steal. Amanda goes with Team Adam.

I actually agreed with all but one of the coaches’ decisions this round. What did you think of the  first installment of The Voice 2012 Battle Rounds?


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