We’re down to The Voice 2012 Top 16 now and we’ve still got a couple artsts Q&As to get through. Today we’re taking a closer look at Mathai. She made it into the Top 16, so let’s get to know her a little better.

1) If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? The Andaman Islands, right at the tip of India. Water so stunningly blue. And so crystal clear that you can see straight to the bottom. Snorkeling. Mmm.

2) Who is your celebrity crush? James Marsden. Hands down, no questions, the most beautifulslashadorable thing I have ever seen!

3) What song is currently your guilty pleasure? Anti Matter- N.E.R.D.

4) Who would play you in a movie? I asked my brother and he goes, “I don’t think anyone could play you in a movie, quite frankly.” And I’m not sure either. I’ll leave that one up to y’all. Suggestions?

5) What’s your favorite song from your coach? Sunday Morning. Obsessed with it.

6) What was your first concert ever? Casting Crowns

7) Tattoos? No. I wish. For about three years now, I’ve wanted a sleeve, of intricate art, up my whole left arm. GAH. want it so bad. But for the sake of my dear mothers’ sanity, I shall refrain.

8) My last text message says: If I called you now would you answer?

9) People would be surprised to learn that I have ____ on my iPod. Classical Music! A massive chunk of my playlist is occupied by classical music. And I LOVE the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack.

10) My coach in 3 words: Clever. Encouraging. Safety.

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