Katrina Parker The Voice 2012

We’re continuing our quest to get to know The Voice 2012 contestants that will be singing on the live shows.

Today we’ve got a Q&A from one of the latest contestants from Team Adam to advance to The Voice live shows.

Katrina tells us that her first concert was Reba and that she has only one tattoo. Find more on those answers and more below.

1) If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
I would go to Finland in an instant (Don’t ask why – just accept it).

2) Who is your celebrity crush?
Jason Segel – Nobody could sing “If I’m a Muppet, then I’m a very manly Muppet” more convincingly than this guy.

3) What song is currently your guilty pleasure?
Howard Jones “Things Will Only Get Better” – it’s my mid-tempo jam.

4) Who would play you in a movie?
Drew Barrymore please – but she’d need to go on a carb binge for about 2 months and really immerse herself in the role by watching a lot of Downton Abbey and listening to The Carpenters. I have faith in her ability!

5) What’s your favorite song from your coach?
Ohh, let’s go old school. My current favorites are “This Love” and “Sunday Morning” (Both sound great in the shower).

6) What was your first concert ever?
Reba McEntire – she did 4 costume changes that night, ya’ll. Count ’em – 4.

7) Tattoos?
I have one 1 tattoo on my upper back – it was a design I found in an old art noveau book, very basic, very simple.

8) My last text message says:
Damn, well you better sing good then.

9) People would be surprised to learn that I have ____ on my iPod:
Hank Williams…and why are you so surprised? This is the man who gave us “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” AND “Hey Good Looking.”

10) My coach in 3 words:
Well Groomed (that’s 2 words, but you get me!)

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