The Voice Juliet Simms
We continue our quest to get to know the contestants that will be singing on The Voice 2012 live shows and while Juliet Simms is no Kim Yarbrough when it comes to Q&As, we do get to learn a little about her.
So what did the artist from Team Cee Lo have to say? Let’s find out.
1) If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Paris, France in the 1600s…what? you never said I couldn’t use my time machine..

2) Who is your celebrity crush?

Scar Face from the Lion King..if i were a lion..and a cartoon

3) What song is currently your guilty pleasure?

Set Fire to The Rain- only its nothing to hide or be ashamed of..sooooo next!

4) Who would play you in a movie?

Emma Stone

5) What’s your favorite song from your coach?

I love them all..I really like the song for Japan a lot..and F@#% You

6) What was your first concert ever?

Blink 182 and Bad Religion..i was 12 and it was awwwwwwesome

7) Tattoos?

yes please
8) My last text message says:

uuuuhhhmmmm..wait hang on..ok “I am writing a new text message right now because my last one is ‘ear muffs'”

9) People would be surprised to learn that I have ____ on my iPod.

L.A Guns

10) My coach in 3 words:

Heart, Wisdom and Talent.
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